20 May, 2021

Full text of "Jesus Was A Usurper And John The Baptist Was The True Christ. A Heretical Compilation"


Pay attention to the part about the Black Sun, this is important! I found this very interesting article last night, as I felt the need to explore more on Mary Magdalene etc; true enough nothing is ever what it seems to be.

Now as for Isis (goddess of darkness and chaos), you can see the strong connection to the terrorists using that name.

Of course the people that created this organisation are involved in the dark arts. That is obvious from the name. I have mentioned the connection in a post a few years ago. Even the colours used in the flag are esoteric, yang and yang, light and dark energy. People are constantly being lied to whether in regards to religion, history or current world events. 

There is no such thing as good magic either; that is an excuse to justify evil and the manipulation of the freewill, of others; magic draws an ego driven person like a moth to a flame. 

The reptilian mother mentioned is the Orion Queen of the stars, Mary represents her. 

The false light mentioned here is the exact same one of the New Ager cult, spouting, Love and Light; clearly showing their spiritual ignorance and blindly following the indoctrination they are taught but never question.

Notice the mention of Tiamat, now go back to the Wes Penre Papers and check this, Wes states Tiamat was a planet originally; and that our origins are based there. Personally though I am unsure if that is correct, however he presents a good case. 

This is a long eBook, keep scrolling down and be patient as this is very important information, you will see the dreaded Jesuits mentioned.

You will notice the connection between the Jesuits and the cult of Isis and the Black Sun, that is quite a revelation and a clue as to the real intentions. 

Rudolf Steiner comes into this information, that is another individual that I don’t care for. People are placed into situations for a reason, and not always for our benefit. 

The fourth Reich is very much alive if you know what you are looking at. Sadly most people live in a blinded reality and have no understanding of what is happening around them.

Soul splitting and the soul trap is also  mentioned in this text. This is very important and affects everyone on the planet. It has serious implications. Soul splitting causes severe trauma to the soul or spirit.

Note the endorsement of curses. This is wrong as it is a spell, which will have repercussions. How on earth can curses ever be accepted? 

You will notice deep in this text the mention of spiritual sovereignty, keep that in mind because it is important. These days the media is saying the sovereignty thing is communist. That depends on what sort of sovereignty you are talking about. Having said that. Reading between the lines Jesus comes across as a militant communist. It has been mentioned in this article that he was trained in military strategy. Why on earth would he be trained in military strategy unless he was a  proto-communist and out to destabilise the status quo? 

Right down at the bottom of the text the subject of the soul trap is mentioned again. I cannot stress enough the importance of understanding this matter. 

Now I highly recommend that people do their own research, you will only get one chance to get this right to exit the matrix. Learn at your own pace and do not be fearful. Fear drags you down to a lower frequency; you do not want to go there! Everything in our world and in spirit works on a vibrational frequency; the universe is made up of frequencies. 

Wes has videos that you can listen to or download in pdf format to read, however you won't fully understand everything unless you take the time to actually read the Wes Penre Papers; of which there are 5 levels to read.


You may want to read works by John Lamb Lash and Cameron Day. But there are many good researchers out there, so Google is the place to start learning the names of these researchers. Keep notes and print information off to use as resource tools. Like I said this incarnation is your last chance at spiritual freedom. Otherwise you are going to keep doing the groundhog day scenario over and over.

This does a lot of damage to the soul and causes a deep trauma. Thus feeding Loosh to these evil creatures. Notice the word evil is live backwards. As they say everything is inverted in our reality.

As for exiting this reality, there are holes in the grid that we just think our way through, but you need to understand how this works is by firm intention at the point of physical death, and do not speak to or acknowledge anything around you because they are decoys. Stick to you firm intention and beliefs. Let nothing distract you; as in the old saying, he who hesitates is lost. I personally would not be heading to Orion as some writers recommend. You however need to work out what is right for you and listen to your heart. Yes you will have several changes in opinion between now and the end of your life, just be honest and listen to your heart as that is your guide. Listen to your higher self by going deep within and absolutely not going external;  to what are mistakenly trusted as ascended masters, guides , angelic beings. These are projections of the Archonic matrix and your doom if you are foolish enough to accept them.


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