Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Social media is the devil’s playground

 Social media is the devil’s playground; designed to enslave the mind, body and spirit. The more you use it the more that you live it, virtually. What you are doing is putting your consciousness into a cloud and it resides there. Your consciousness is energy, the interaction or interface with technology thus creates that conscious thought in an electronic cloud or data base, itself not physical. 

Think of how one connects with spirit; as an energetic and living being and spirit, which is also a living sentient form that is also energy. When you actively meditate you are working with pure spiritual energy.  That energy is alive and sentient, so are your thoughts on social media alive and conscious.  

However the lure of social media is highly addictive and designed to keep us addicted to the need to know what every Tom, Dick and Harry is doing, saying and thinking. So we are in fact transferring our living consciousness on to a cloud. Hence the beginning of transhumanism. A gradual shift that most people will not pick up on; however they are in the process of that "shift in consciousness" right now.

One must not just be mindful or careful with their thoughts, but where those thoughts are going and to what. We already by thought; open up new realities with our careless thoughts on a metaphysical level.

Mindful individuals know how to cancel those thoughts and intentions, lest they be given unintended life form. So think about when using social media and especially not being mindful of what one says. One still creates a thought form that artificial intelligence is learning and studying constantly to mimic.

No longer just the metaphysical meaning of "what you think is', as in it becomes reality; your thoughts are in the cloud too for ever. These thoughts; as I said educate the artificial intelligence and the intention is to be like humans and mimic everything and anticipate our thoughts and actions/intentions.

The implications there need to be closely examined for the safety of humanity or we cease to be spiritual beings. Mimicking spirituality is a dangerous and very misleading path to go down and our deathknell physically and most definitely spiritually.

What chance do our children have to prevent this if parents are not aware of this? The implications as I point out are destructive and permanent.   

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