Tuesday, 18 May 2021

WHO: Working more than 55 hours a week could kill you via heart disease or stroke


Not sure if I should laugh, roll my eyes or be offended by this. Stating the flaming obvious in this garbage article. Since when did we need some self important bureaucrats telling us what we already know. Yet doctors and nurses are often pushed to breaking point, hypocrisy much!

Yes, people are being pushed because employers get away with the abuse; and it boils down to money over lives. Depending on your line of work and position; you do not always have a choice in the real world, not just that; interrupting our home life  at night, this most definitely affects other family members. Think about on call workers that are contacted during the night; other family members are also disrupted. It is just a fact of life and we are often not in a position to object.

Work has no right to impact the families of the employees. Try and get a good nights sleep when the phone rings at 3.00am. People with children are very much affected and the trying to get children back to sleep or up on time for school and work. Those employees that are on call over night are more often than not are back at the office the next morning. So obviously Health is impacted and the risk goes up with age and the individuals health status.

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