21 May, 2021

Ach, it’s a sair fecht

 Aye, michty me Wullie it is indeed! 

This is a well known and well loved cartoon character from Scotland called  oor Wullie. Translated  Our Willie. He is saying oh it’s a hard fight or struggle.  We say this when it is one of those days when it is a struggle with life not going the way we intend. 

At Christmas most kids are delighted to get this comic book as a gift. Or the rival comic book The Broons/ the Browns in English.

Which is a family living in an apartment block and the humours antics of daily life of the family. These cartoons are still in publication today I am  happy to say. Hours of fun for the entire family to laugh and share with each other. I still have  editions from the late 1970’s. Part of my fond memories growing up. 



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