Thursday, 6 May 2021

Scotland's election is today, and a Nicola Sturgeon win could lead to an independence vote 

This will be interesting 🧐 If she gets back in the Scotland is stuffed. The blame for the damage done should the SNP’s be re elected; will be the public’s fault. Don’t say you weren’t warned.

Freedom of speech under this lot will be diminished for a start. If  SNP  are in power  where does Scotland stand for military power and self defence if they separate from the United Kingdom? United we stand, divided we fall! 

There has been too much nationalist propaganda clouding the realities in the public’s minds. It is a bad move to separate from the UK as many idiots want, but if that happens then the masses will suffer. The EU doesn’t give a damn about Scotland. We are a small nation in the big scheme of things and gullible pawns in dangerous hands. 

Scotland has always had it’s own legal system separate from England too. So that has no real bearing on this issue. Kiss goodbye to being a sovereign nation too as you vote these communists back in.

Let the circus act begin. Let’s hope that the independence vote gets trashed because it will be the death of a great nation; as per design. 

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