Friday, 7 May 2021

More rare blood clots have been linked to the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine, but should you be concerned?

 Can you believe this BS? First they tell you, don’t give it to over 50’s then about face and insist we have it. Remember they do not guarantee that you still won’t get covid. Also this is an experimental, drug, it has not been found to be safe.  How many deaths or medical injury is acceptable to you personally? If it isn’t your loved one, it’s someone else’s.

What if other people are totally dependent on that person that gets ill or dies from this? Are you going to step up and look after the ones that are left behind?

6 vaccinated travellers test positive to covid. So how long ago was each vaccine done; especially the last one for each of the 6 people?

13th May 2021,  I guess people fall for propaganda, rather than listening to the warnings from scientists.

Note there is a man in his 50’s in this group. Now the government is still telling us to get vaccinated.

We can’t sue for medical injuries either, what does that tell you?

Watch this video and think about what this scientist is saying. There are many scientists and doctors saying this. 

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