Friday, 9 April 2021

Dan Green: The murder of Mary Magdalene

The free eBook ; The Murder of Mary Magdalen, is on this website on the right hand side of the page. After reading the Templar Revelation I came across this and they tie in quite well with more bits of the puzzle. We will never of course find out the truth about Jesus and Mary Magdalene anyway,  it it just shows the lengths gone to and mass murder to cover up whatever is to stay hidden.

Personally I think it is two rival royal bloodlines and their subjugation of humanity; as these are no normal bloodlines as anyone that follows this esoteric path over many years would know. It is in fact the off planet bloodlines (Sirius of the Annunaki fame). But one thing that I have learned from just reading  both this book and the Templar Revelation is, Jesus and Mary were trained in enslaving souls at the point of death (Isis cult initiates; Mary was supposedly a high priestess in the cult of Isis). That should be a warning right there on the evil enslavement of humanity and spirit. 

This particular book  mentions the north side of the church as evil, that is exactly the same as houses or any other building. If you read my article on ley lines you can see this. I am no expert on ley lines  and have left the subject alone, it is not a thing that I want anything to do with as can be seen by my article. 

I don’t have any time for heebie jeebie stuff, I prefer to keep away from the negative influence. Anyway if you fancy reading this book and enjoy a good mystery, you will find useful bits of information. Happy reading 😀

Additional notes: Page 15 mentions the mother of all code cracking, linking up language into a cybernetic fashion.

On page 88 the Fleur de Lis symbol apart from being phallic, it also indicates north, north indicates dark forces and alludes to Sirius. Page 99 the suppressed knowledge of the workings of the female body.

Take a look at pages 147 and 175 onwards about the alleged murder of Mary Magdalen. It is rather cryptic. Notice in page 147 the green hill or mound.; now remember the grassy knoll in the Kennedy assassination? If you have actually read through this book, you can see a link or synchronicity. Look further back and see the comments about the CIA. Bizarre is it not? 

Pg 188 notice the mentioning of the alabaster jar. read on from that to see the interpretation with the larynx and the spoken word of God. There is so much cryptic information in this book that you may want to take notes for future reference.

Page 189 Solfeggio frequencies open up special blessings on the people singing. Like I said on other blog posts; everything operates on frequencies in this universe. Healing frequencies are common knowledge these days through science as well as esoteric information. Even a purring cat triggers bones to heal as scientists have discovered.

NOTE: Please come back to this post later. I am looking for the text about Jesus and Mary allegedly having the knowledge on how to trap a soul at bodily death. I will put in the page number as soon as I find it.

I was going back through the Templar Revelation book by L Picknett and there is mention there about enslaving souls, especially a murder victim. Using necromancy to enslave the soul. It did not say that Jesus or Mary did it, but it mentioned Simon Magus allegedly doing this.

Scroll down to the pictures of Pandora and enlarge them. Do you see the skull? Now look at the one with the golden urn with the coins. Enlarge that one to see the golden skull under her foot. Note the red garment s in the paintings too. Isis and John the Baptist, I have no idea why they are in a painting of Pandora, but there you are. A coded message for those in the know. How far back does the cult of Isis really go? Way back to the beginning of humanity I guess.

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