Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Energy healing or spiritual healing illusion

 All healing energy (spiritual) comes from one source and one source alone. That is deep within the control matrix of this universe. There is no difference in any energy healing other than illusion. To think otherwise is ignorance of the subject matter.

Your choice of healing is but an illusion. I am a natural born healer and I am well aware of the illusion; plus the fact that you cannot stop energy being taken from you by the matrix controllers of this universe as you give healing or are receiving healing. It makes absolutely no difference; you are never in total control. There is also a long term health threat to the healer themselves due to the taking of spiritual energy (life force). The human is but a conduit only to facilitate in the healing. 

A person that is not an actual born healer has no true understanding either, especially if they themselves do not actually practice spiritual healing. You cannot be a real healer unless you are born a healer and that is a fact. Those signs are clearly distinct in the palms of the persons hands. The born healer also emits an energy that is able to be measured as a frequency emitted from the healer, no if's or but's.

Many healers themselves have serious health problems life long, it supposedly does not impact the healers ability to heal according to the author of ; THE PSYCHIC HEALERS HANDBOOK, George Chapman, DSNU published in 1959. I however would not advocate that a person with health issues that are serious doing spiritual healing. For the reason of energy harvested from the healer and the healer being unaware, it will further affect the healers physical health and wellbeing.

I know enough on the matter myself as a person with health issues, to now give up spiritual healing not just on medical grounds, but the fact that energy harvesting takes place. The person is left with a spiritual version of a placebo effect that wears off in a short time.  I can also say contrary to what people believe; the healer never actually benefits whilst conducting healing. I know that from personal experience and many family members that are also spiritual healers. To believe otherwise is mere illusion and deception of the self and others.   

I have never allowed myself to be blinded by illusion in this issue. I need no second party to tell me what they cannot see or intuit, when I do see and feel on a psychic level. I also see a psychic version of thermal imaging and night vision type colours as I look into the body to detect the dis-ease.  

I do not insist nor ever have; that I have the answers but I sure as hell know bullshit and illusion when I feel it, even over the phone! Why do individuals feel the need to impress on me their way is better? It is not your way at all it is mental conditioning of  illusion and nothing more.

The said patient " may" heal but that is not by human intervention either. Also you cannot cure autoimmune disorders, no one can. All that can be done is alleviating some of the symptoms temporarily. Not even a medical doctor can cure all autoimmune disorders, nor do they claim to.

No healer should claim to cure anything, that is not their place and is against the law for a reason. No healer should impress on anyone that their way is the best or the right way. Most people have no idea of what is taking place from the unseen world of deception and illusion, because there is a system in place to prevent that; this is not for humanities benefit either. I will never return to doing spiritual healing for these reasons.


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