Tuesday, 6 April 2021

ABC News: Woman living with disability speaks out


This is heartbreaking stuff and it makes my blood boil knowing that our health system has been falling apart for many years. The entire health system is broken and they want it all privatised, to make money. No care for ordinary people with health problems and disabilities. We are just numbers to the government and there is no excuse for this. It has been allowed to happen in order to privatise the health system like the US.

Many people can no longer afford health insurance, myself included and have to rely on the public health system. Health funds give you less bang for your buck but keep putting up the fees every year.

It is all about money and not human lives. Only through the public demanding change can something be done. People are not making enough noise though due to apathy, so it becomes a never ending cycle of neglect and public apathy. It breaks my heart to see people like this woman suffer, this is a human rights issue for heaven’s sake! 

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