Monday, 26 April 2021

Griffin or constellation


This was on my mind a few days ago and I was thinking about how much astrology is in mythology and religion. I was just casually thinking about the Griffin (actually it's a dragon) in Welsh mythology and having never looked into it before. I went to Wikipedia for a quick answer Ophichius /Opinicus/ Griffin/Opincus. It seems common misunderstanding has confused the Griffin with a dragon. I am just one of many that confuse the two mythical creatures, lol.

The mythical unicorn/ Monoceros as shown in a previous blog post is a constellation too. Well at least we know that the wild Haggis of Scottish humorous mythology is not a constellation in the night sky and is actually food. So, you don't need to get your planisphere out to check for that. Seriously though, mythology is a great subject that reveals so much to us of human history, if we have the keys to understanding it. It also hides the truth of human origins when examined closely.,the%20national%20flag%20of%20Wales.&text=The%20red%20dragon%20is%20often,many%20public%20and%20private%20institutions.

This is the Welsh Red Dragon, represents the constellation of Draco.




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