Thursday, 22 April 2021

Neil Oliver on Trigger Nometry

My sentiments exactly Neil. Notice at 23.11,  he said what I was waiting to hear someone say. The bloody Normans! That right there; is part of the problem with the UK and Ireland. The takeover by Norman bloodlines of all the nobility. Add to that  secret societies, the Vatican and royal scum bags of the world, via interbreeding. 

These are the original ones that have blood on their hands, and never the ordinary people of the land. If it was not for them coming into Britain centuries ago even prior to Edward I, then ramping up the overthrow of the original nobility and taking over all our entire British nobility; then we would not have the problems that we have had for centuries. Come to think of it,  the Magdalene bloodline was already present among the nobility before  Edward I, and Mary Magdalene lived in France after the crucifixion. Now remember her royal bloodline is more significant that that of Jesus; as the female bloodline is vital in royal bloodlines, not the male.

The family of Jesus was also known to have visited Scotland and England. If you go back even further you will see evidence of the ancient Egyptian nobility in Ireland and Britain too. With so much history hidden or destroyed  ordinary people can’t get an accurate picture of who’s who in the zoo to be able to trace these old bloodlines of  Magdalene and where the bloodlines actually were seeded within the Middle East, Europe and Britain, well not that the public are allowed to know about. But the queen can clearly trace her bloodline right back to Jesus and King David.

As I always say, it’s all about the bloodlines and always will be about bloodlines, power and money. There is no escaping that; not to forget the dark  esoteric infestation in these bloodlines. 
Ireland too has been trashed by the Norman bloodlines. But those bloodlines are not just Norman, if you actually take the time to read ancient history of Ireland and the royal bloodlines of the world, you can see the ancient Egyptian bloodline of Akhenaten present in Ireland. Not to mention the graves of these ancestors are easily found. 

As for present day Scotland, it has been trashed beyond recovery; to force a new world order or Marxist police state:into existence. There is no way the people can stop this train wreck;  especially if the hate law goes through to the final stage of royal assent, as Neil points out. Because many of them have been brainwashed by Marxist leftist ideology into accepting this and these people have no actual concept of what will happen if this becomes law. Younger voters especially have absolutely no idea what dangers lie ahead in their future. 

The damage is already done, and a dumbed down undereducated new generation of young people in which many are full of hatred for their individual family backgrounds and lacking an understanding of actual real the history of Scotland and world history. They are not taught proper history in schools these days, they are instead indoctrinated by a  pro Marxist system.  

Same deal all through the western world when it comes to politically indoctrinating the children. Now the price is to be paid by the masses who did nothing to stop this. People are now suddenly starting to notice little things due to the lockdown, they clearly have not been paying attention for decades. Look what has happened all over the western world and only now some people are asking what is happening.

Neil has repeatedly hit the nail on the head over the past few months of interviews that I have heard on YouTube and I am left wondering why the masses have conveniently ignored all the alarm bells for decades that even I have seen. I lived between Scotland and Australia from the early 1970’s and 1980’s those warnings were present back then. They were present in the 1990’s and  they were present  in the 2000’s onwards.

No one can deny the clear and present danger we all face any longer, but the still blissfully  unaware among us are now calling intelligent and aware people, conspiracy theorist nutters, for speaking out about the multi layered political agenda. Which actually means you have dangerous pro Marxists hiding within the political  establishment and media controlling people’s beliefs and sewing the seeds of dissent. 

Life will never be what it was prior to 2020. Your new world order is here now. Your opinion is to be suppressed. You will self sensor what you say to your friends. It is all around us now. Scotland is only a small test for what is being implemented world wide right now. 

Much as I love my homeland, I am utterly disgusted by what I see happening. This situation was created by those that are intent on taking away freedom from all of humanity. The division was so carefully designed and executed that most people didn’t see it, they are  no different to Hitler’s fanatical followers. Willing lambs to the slaughter, the nationalist propaganda machine is a very dangerous tool as history has so often shown and yet humans keep repeating the same patterns. 


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