Thursday, 29 April 2021

The esoteric significance of our moon and the matrix control system

Density is an other word for dimension. I personally don’t use the word it is too new age, Scientology like for me. The 4th and 5th dimensions are still low vibrational frequencies, make no mistake about that, in fact all the way up to the 7th dimension is controlled. When you read garbage about ascension to these levels,  you are still under dark control and your soul is not free in these realms. That is a metaphysical fact. Where do you think archons reside? 

The word greeting used in this article is not right, it is an interface  or engagement. Big difference in the meaning. Also a soul is either good or bad prior to incarceration, there could possibly be an override energetically in some people though. But there are most definitely people that cannot and will not harm others; because they are totally incapable, those people are closer to spiritually than most people. That doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to self defence. It would be stupid not to defend your life and a direct spiritual right to self defence.

I must agree with his comments on just because a person is clairvoyant, a healer etc; doesn’t make you spiritually better or advanced. 

This is but one subject in the article link is the reason why I insist on researching metaphysics and not  just learn things parrot fashion like a dummy. Hear say is like assumptions; the mother of all f### ups, by the spiritually ignorant. 

Just because you learn things word of mouth, that doesn’t make you an expert, spiritually educated or anything, only a parrot with no value or substance, and certainly absolutely no real spiritual understanding or wisdom. Metaphysics is a life long study and a way of life, the individual is astrologically programmed for prior to incarceration.

We truly psychic people feel what we learn as a knowing. However sometimes we can misunderstand or not pick up on something straight off the bat. That comes down to the individual at that particular moment and their energy level or vibrational frequency being a little off kilter.

It is imperative that spiritual protection is maintained to a very high level every single day, to protect one’s self from negative energy and attacks. 

I would not be so audacious as to claim to be an expert;  I like all metaphysicians am a student, lifelong. To say one is an expert is inappropriate, while on the earth plane none of us can claim such a thing. We don’t have all the answers to the unseen world nor the multiverse. 

I know when someone is about to try psychic sabotage me or a malicious person is going to contact me, like this writer points out in the article. As a clairvoyant of course I feel it coming but the unclean and spiritually dark people that call me; do not have the intelligence to know that I know their intentions, and can describe their physical appearance and personality traits. Generally I know a week in advance because I feel it coming. The intention is set and I feel it, like a disturbance in the force. Ignorant dark souls are certainly too crass to comprehend that I already know it is coming and take steps to protect myself. What boomerangs back on them energetically is their own evil returning three fold as per cosmic law. NEVER give evil a chance! NEVER tolerate the profane and the spiritually unclean!

Most of the time the negativity it is generally from women in their late fifties to late sixties. This is not menopause related, far from it, to suggest so is absolutely absurd and implies that person stating such clearly is naive or deliberately avoiding the truth, of dark malicious intent. The interest in black magic is actually quite high in modern times as society reflects. Women are the biggest users of this insidious evil practice;  which they use to inflict harm on others through jealousy. The price they pay for this is high though as they are unable to defend themselves against karmic punishment. This can come to them by non human sources and way beyond the capabilities of such individuals to deflect or circumvent the karmic punishment. That power is much stronger than those that do evil deeds. 

What is not stated in the article is astrology is artificial and is not designed to benefit humans. Example why put the moon in the both chart as it has a negative impact on the person. Never mind the fact that we are not supposed to be in physical bodies and then dropping the dimensional frequency so low as to make it near impossible to leave or awaken from this  augmented reality. Physical bodies are in fact our tombs, the chakras anchor us in to this augmented reality for the loosh harvesting to keep these evil matrix controllers alive. Most advanced planets do not have a moon either according to some exopolitical experts and researchers of note.  

Most remote viewers can’t remote view the moon as they are blocked. I tried this many years ago, but I am not really that interested in remote viewing. It is not an accurate skill as you are dealing with probabilities not fact. It is actually no different to when I am conducting a reading and I am able to see a person or a place. I describe what I see to my client. Bear in mind that client is not in my office as I do the reading. They can be any where in the world, I am turning into energy, because we are but energy and are submerged in cosmic energy constantly, or we don’t exist.

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