Sunday, 25 April 2021

ANZAC Day multicultural community Lismore remembrance

I do feel that in modern times everyone should have the right to come together and mourn the poor souls that lost their lives in war regardless of what side they were put in; in war. Humanity split by war and suffering is a horrible thing. It is not the fault of ordinary people dragged into conflict and war against their will. All people that are made to fight in any war are victims regardless of the side they are put on, they deserve our deepest sympathy.

War robs us of our humanity too remember that. Darkness enters our souls in times of war, we lose our ability to reason and show compassion  becoming like dark beings due to trauma. War is unnatural and anti life and against spirit, preventing us raising our spiritual vibrational frequencies to transcend this dark dimension we inhabit.

Thus locking us in to a dark frequency and being made to keep coming back here ad infinitum because we participate in war or activities that are bad until something within us awakens and breaks the dark spell over us. That can take thousands of lifetimes.

Ordinary people do not want war ever, they just want to live in peace and raise their families. We were not put on this earth to kill each other. The forces of darkness are responsible for war and evil on this earth. Their minions are very wealthy and very powerful leaders of this world; their bloodlines control everything. They are the ones that decide who they will go to war against and the rest of  humanity. The masses do not get a say at all and are used for nothing more than a dark blood sacrifice nothing more.

 Make no mistake about that; intergenerational plans are laid through these powerful bloodlines to keep war going and make these people stay very rich. But  traps the rest of us into a dark karmic debt. These bloodlines know damn well how to circumnavigate karmic responsibility. The masses do not; nor are the even aware of such things due to being  kept ignorant of spiritual law and metaphysical education, this is not their fault.

 If ordinary people had a proper spiritual education they would understand this fact. Those of us that are spiritually aware and awake are well aware of what this suffering is all about. A proper metaphysical education is a must, if you care for humanity and the planet; including an understanding of what energy harvesting is and then you would see the truth.

 My heart goes out to the innocent of this world, including our beautiful animals that suffer because of humanities ignorance and lack of spirituality. 


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