24 May, 2024

Tarot card of the month: June 2024, 8 of Cups


Welcome to the Tarot Card of the month, June 2024. I hope everyone in the northern hemisphere has a lovely summer wherever you live. In Australia and New Zealand we are into the chilly winter weather until September and spring returns, brrrr. 🐧🐧

As I look over the card, I am drawn to the Sun eclipsing the Moon symbolising male energy which is active and aggressive energy and the element of fire dominating the feminine Moon energy which is passive, intuitive and the element of water. Add heat to water and it boils and you get steam and vapor.
The cups represent the summer season.

The sky in this card is clear, not a cloud in sight, the moon gives way to daylight.  Revealing all to the world. But this is an emotional energy here, and a deep emotional and psychological situation is being conveyed to us. As I examine this card I notice the tide seems to be out and the figure on the card is able to step across the rocks in the water to get to the other side. He is on a solitary journey retreating from the world. However there is more here than meets the eye though, and we are watching a transformation take place. 

The solitary figure could be in distress and seeking help, whether from his higher self, his inner light of seeking a wise person to guide him. He is looking to the future as he is on the right hand side of the card and again that is symbolic of active male energy. This is male versus female energy, is not about men or women. It is an energy of polarities, as we all have a male side and a female side to us energetically and metaphysically speaking. The figure on the card has reached part of his journey, as he has moved from one side of the water to the other via the rocks he used as stepping stones.

He has support at his back which is the cups stacked up in the foreground, notice the yellow colour of the ground and the cups, this is a positive energy and seems like he has luck on his side. This figure needs reassurance though because he is unsure of this support. Is it strong enough to protect him? Can he rely on this support at his back? He doesn't know if these cups or people have his back like they say. Hence the apprehension and the figure is not stopping to rest, instead he keeps walking and there are obstacles in his path that he must negotiate, to get to the higher ground and safety.

It's just perception though, but still symbolic of only one possibility. Unless one stretches  past the right hand side rock and sails out through an estuary or bay to anywhere one wants. To freedom and a new beginning perhaps. 

In the card that higher ground on the right hand side is a cave where the figure seeks solitude to think and find a solution to his problems. In reality it feels like a political figure going to a large and important building to seek assistance and wisdom. Looking back at the scene in the card one could also say this looks like a big circle looping back to the beginning again. 

To me this says Zelinsky is feeling bewildered and is still seeking help to win this war where no-one seems to make any lasting headway in this war. Mr Zelensky is going cap in hand again and again asking the western allies for more money and weapons to fend off Russia. He cannot keep going like this, there has to be an end in sight.  Luckily the number 8 in this card does signify endings and new beginnings. But will the US, Britain and others come to the rescue again?

The timing could not be any worse with elections looming in the US and now Britain and there are no positive results in two years. This will plunge these nations deeper into debt and a cycle of pumping money in one direction 

Now looking at the cups stacked up in the foreground. There are two levels. There are 5 on the bottom and then 3 on the top, but notice 2 cups are sitting on the left  and 1 is sitting on the right. The top layer to me signifies the US and Britain and on the other side is Russia. There seems more support on the left side or Western side with 3 allies on the bottom row. Not necessarily 5 Eyes but a significant amount of power. On the right is Russia, with Iran and China and nobody wants' this to escalate, meaning steps will be taken to find a solution and transition to cease hostilities. I don't see this ending this year, but we will see light at the end of tunnel as there are gaps in the cards in two spots  indicating  that a breakthrough is going to happen perhaps in 5 to 8 months from now.

An interesting thing about this card is, it covers the dates 19/2 to 29/2 (Russia invaded Ukraine on 24/2/22) and the sign of Pisces. So let's hope that it will be over by February ‘25.That also makes the time from the war breaking out to its ending 3 years in total. I did make a post  a few years ago, before this happened that there would be a conflict or event would last 2 or 3 years, so let's hope this is it.

I don't see all of Ukraine staying in his hands, I feel an enclave will want to be independent of Ukraine. The problem with that is it is a valuable industrial region that the country makes its money from. I don't see Zelensky parting with that easily if at all. 
Surprises are in store for France with new laws passed. This is the start of a new look France and not everyone is happy about that.

The war office in the UK is in the news, and Australia's Anthony Albanese will have a minor health issue, it could be his appendix. This is nothing to worry about  and he will be fine in no time at all.

As I look at the card again I notice the black rocks sticking up out of the water on the left hand side. I feel this is connected to the ongoing issues with China in the South China Seas, nudging even closer to 
other countries borders.
More dirty tricks are to come, and if you look closely at the card, between the man's foot and the cup you will see a small elongated black shape similar to a submarine or a boat. This little glyph or spec looks like a vessel being intercepted, however I do not see this as a trigger for conflict.

 As yet it is still a cat and mouse game being played until Taiwan makes a decisive move some time next year. Taiwan asserting its sovereignty will enrage China  to a dangerous move and we will find the stakes being raised higher by China.   

We will see mothers making their voices heard in June over food insecurity, homelessness and poverty.
The plight of women and children will also be highlighted, not just in Gaza but places such as Africa and other places of suffering.  I see a woman with dark long hair, with a high public profile making a public speech on this issue. I see a woman like Michelle Obama giving the speech on tv. 
Sweden and Norway are also in the news for political reasons.

Thank you for taking the time to read my TCOM, please stay safe wherever you live.

Warm and fuzzy hugs


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