27 May, 2024

In South Korea thousands of young people have become recluses, shutting themselves away from society


This is such a sad situation and it is a global issue, however Korea and Japan seem to have the highest  number of young people that are isolated, not to mention the suicide problem also. The added pressure of what society expects of them and parental expectations of getting a good education and career on top of the already burdened person is just that extra pressure to push them over the edge. 

Perhaps a friendly social website specifically designed to attract the targeted audience to help these young people reach out to others in the same situation as a first contact point . It would also have to be tailored to the area where they live in order to meet people from around their town or city. 

 Then using a buddy system as a lifeline once they have established a relationship with someone within the group,  and are a supportive partner to help each other. With the intentions of eventually getting them to meet face to face. This would have to be done slowly over a period of time with psychologists monitoring and assisting them in re-assimilating into society once they are comfortable reaching out online to others in the same situation. 

A gentle progression then introduced to meeting each other over a period of 18 months to two years, in a safe welcoming environment. Perhaps then introducing groups of people in an informal setting sharing some food and entertainment such as an interactive game with humour to lighten the atmosphere and without the involvement of technology. Role playing exercises should be introduced once the young people are at a level where they can express themselves to others in the group comfortably so that they can get an understanding of how each other is feeling and respond appropriately. 

Young people also need to be outdoors in nature to feel connected and grounded, using a gentle compassionate approach, which might involve therapy pets such as cats. Cats are a low maintenance and de-stressing option in helping these young people to come out of their shells.  These young people also need to have their lives structured to ensure they have a regular routine such ad getting up in the morning and having breakfast and introducing a daily routine which should have a sensible time to go to bed and sleep through without needing to check social media, Restarting the body clock for regular daily life and preparing to integrate into society at a slow gradual transition. 

It is so heartbreaking to see  so many young people so alone and disconnected from their families, friends and society. The stress of being unable to leave their bedrooms to go to the dentist, the family doctor or just go out to buy food must be so overwhelming that it’s impossible. The stress on parents who are at a loss because they don’t know what to do, in order to help their children must also be extremely overwhelming to breaking point too. Factor in parents aging and the reality of their eventual death, there is no way that these vulnerable young people can cope with such situations. 

How on earth can the young people cope unless there is a gentle intervention programme put in place to assist them? There is no quick fix solution and the government must take action immediately to ensure that these people are protected as well as helped to regain their freedom and mental health. 

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