05 December, 2023

Wes Penre: Q and A Session #1 December 2023


In regards to #4 it is the small children who are the target of the metaverse not older people. Young children have been born into the internet generation it has always existed in their lives. We older people know life before the internet and can compare life before the internet age and current society. 

Even those born in the 1980’s and  90’s know the difference. Therefore they are less likely to follow the metaphorical Pied Piper. Technology is changing constantly and quickly in current times so the younger generation will want to keep up with the technology and don’t want to be without it. A healthy balance between technology and normal life is a must. 

Parents need to talk to their children about the importance of living in the real world and the importance of nature and the natural world. Encouraging children to explore nature and not politicising nature, just opening up the natural environment to children. Encourage children to use their imagination more often when playing and encouraging children to read books of all types including atlases to learn about other countries, lakes, rivers and mountains. Learning the capital cities of the world etc. Geography is a subject that few children are exposed to and it is a vital subject in education. Don’t encourage them to google everything, children need books in their home to pick up and read. Just imagine a power outage and suddenly there isn’t any tv or internet connection how do your children cope without the internet? 

Insist on having reading time or activity time to help them expand their minds and amuse themselves. Wisdom is a gift that develops through the course of one’s life and this must be encouraged by parents. The public education system doesn’t offer the same level of freedom of education as the top private schools. It is a parent’s responsibility at home to ensure that their children are educated in various ways to ensure that they are well equipped with knowledge that will carry them through their lives and pass on that wisdom to the future generation. 

To live in a virtual world is not living, it is life limiting and sterile which is also designed to suppress the human spirit within us, not to mention it’s a controlled environment where your autonomy doesn’t exist. Your knowledge and experience is controlled by someone else’s power and authority over you. There is no freewill, freedom of thought, freedom of choice, freedom of expression in any way whatsoever. Your spirit is denied and heavily suppressed permanently thus you are unable to be a truly divine spiritual being you are just a controlled puppet avitar and nothing more. 

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