16 March, 2021

2013 Prediction for Australia's Leadership




On 4th November, I had a look at the Tarot cards, to see what is in store for Australia in early 2013.

The Australian Labor party leadership in particular. It is no surprise to anyone that things are about to change. It is quite overdue in fact. The rumblings have been going on for the past 12 months.
I stand by my original prediction about Prime Minister Julia Gillard, things will start to move fast from here on in. As I said, back in 2010, she is only a stop gap or caretaker prime minister.
The picture is a lot clearer now to me.  The man set to take on the new role as prime minister has already entered the stage. Everything is set to happen. This  man is a serious person, prone to worry. He may even have anxiety attacks from time to time. This man will toe the party line to a tee. He does not do things by half measures either.
When I did my original reading he had only just entered Federal Politics.  I believe this man to be Bill Shorten.  I feel that there will be a public announcement in the coming weeks. I do not see Julia Gillard staying on as prime minister to the next election. I feel that pressure will be put on her

to step aside, and the big guns will be out. She won't go quietly, either. Some might say it is pay back, be that as it may, be prepared for a new look to our political landscape for 2013.
There are dirty dealings going on as we all know. That is the murky world of politics, Julia knows the score. She knows what is going on and is trying to save her sinking ship.  The big question is now how much of a danger to Australia is Bill Shorten? I feel he will bow to the US and Israel. But this is not good for Australia. 

I personally have no interest in politics, this was just a curiosity issue for me.  I have no interest in the dark energy that these people are surrounded in.  My interests are  mainly spiritual and the betterment of humanity and the beautiful animals of this world. 

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