25 March, 2021

Tarot card of the month: April 2021, King of Pentacles


Master of the elements
This card is ruled by Taurus

The King of Pentacles is the card of the month for April 2021. This card is a generally positive and powerful card. It covers money and power, tolerance and flexibility. April is a month for money and power and success in business and personal power.

I see a battle over money which dominates the month of April. To me it feels like a battle between western leaders and western business men making a stand. They are not going to let  themselves be beaten by anyone and especially not China. They are set to defend what is theirs. Something which has been conveniently ignored for years.

I am drawn to the water in the background of this card, (I am using the Mystic Dreamer tarot deck at present) The water represents the mind and consciousness. A lot is at stake here, the king is defending what is his and he has worked hard to get what he has. 

The king is both a compassionate and caring natural leader, but can be a formidable enemy too. He dispenses wisdom and benevolence to those that need his assistance he is a good mediator and wise leader. If  he is put in a threatening  position he is a powerful enemy, don't push him!

The king will not back down to bullies or anyone that threatens him. So don't poke the bear! bears do bite.

Pay attention to detail this month on the personal front, take care of things that need taken care of especially legal of important issues dealing with authority. You may find you are lending a helping hand to someone too. I hear the words, Paying it forward. good idea too as many people are in need at present world wide. We do what we can to help others in need, because it is the right thing to do.

But do remember everything is an energy exchange, so everything has to be kept in balance and not all one way. Which creates an energy imbalance. So allow others to help you in what ever way they can and you in turn help others in what ever way you can. It is sometimes not possible to repay the kindness to the person that shows kindness to you, but you can do a good turn to someone else.

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