Thursday, 11 March 2021


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Wes comments on information being removed from the internet, however there is a website with books and articles that I have on my original blog, and I have put the link in here  I cannot vouch for any of the truth or accuracy to any of the books, nor do I approve of many of these books.

This is my 2019 blog post

Avalon Library , Michael Salla's%20Hidden%20History%20-%20Corporate%20Foundations%20of%20Secret%20Space%20Programs.pdf  Operation Trojan Horse

This UFO Book mentions sightings ongoing for centuries, but my ears pricked up when he mentioned the Orion’s as being the bad guys. Wes Penre says a faction of them are bad and a faction are the good guys. 

Personally I don’t trust any of them as it is all picking a team and I for one won’t be drawn to either side. I think they all are untrustworthy. Too many games being played and we are being set up. There is no real truths to this unless we are free spiritually and not trapped in this reincarnation cycle of control.

Please read the part about Malcolm X and his harbinger of death, (page 196). This part in the book I would say in very interesting and should be noted for the warnings. 

I have seen such beings in black in the house next door years ago. You will find information on that in my article Lay lines and inter dimensional beings. These beings are always angry too. Please read the full chapter called Cosmic Jokers, it is a brutal eye opener. As I have said in other posts, had I known back when I started my career what I know now, I wouldn’t be doing this work. I strongly don’t recommend this as a career path. Just because you have these abilities, doesn’t mean that you are obligated to use them. It very rarely works out in the individual’s favour. Speaking from years of suffering myself.

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