11 March, 2021

Summer in the Northern hemisphere might take up half the year by 2100


What a crock, how about going back to school and relearning science, the planet and the universe work on cycles of varying lengths. The word Might, is not your get out of jail free card when writing garbage like this. It just shows a political agenda when writing this article, ignoring the fact of solid scientific data that confirms thousands of years cycles from the actual environment, core samples of the earth from many areas of the planet, over thousands of years, that show the duration of weather cycles and how often they cycles repeat. 

Note the handpicked  woefully inadequate time frame within the twentieth and twenty-first  centuries, to push this bullshit onto the masses. How about actually reading unedited proper scientific evidence that actually covers thousands of years, Christ on a bike, even a kid’s encyclopaedia that is pre-climate change could inform people about real weather cycles.

How many people actually still have legitimate science books in their homes that debunk this garbage? Smart people hang on to these books, and know that this is a political agenda. The whole Bullshit will eventually collapse and the real facts will come out. 

I just hope all those involved in this climate hoax will be sued and prosecuted for this outrage. I hope that  scientists will not be gagged much longer or have their careers destroyed by an evil political agenda such as this.

Remember the age of Aquarius is a revealer  of that which is hidden, liar liar pants on fire! 

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