21 March, 2021

Seriously thinking of closing my Facebook for work stuff

I am noticing the Facebook company slowing down my posts on Facebook. But I have also noticed a lack of interest from the public, no effort is being made by anyone that is a member of my Facebook page to keep up to date. I have avoided posting anything on the page of late because I feel some of the esoteric and spiritual stuff that I share is over the heads of many people.

They seem to like Luciferin New Age rubbish that offers no spiritual wisdom or self empowerment nor spiritual freedom. I do not for one minute pretend to be an expert on any of this. I am still a student at my own pace in esoteric matters for over 16 plus years, but the lack of interest from people is astounding. Considering people are falling over themselves for psychics in current times but show a lack of understanding in anything spiritual.

Not all clairvoyants and psychics are into the real heavy esoteric literature nor share anything important with others. I try to make an effort in my own way. But it seems such a waste of time in the long run.

We are living in a time where real wisdom is quickly disappearing again (this yet again goes in astrological cycles or yugas') and it is crucial that people self educate. Not with conspiracy theories but, real wisdom as to why the world is in a decline. It is a pre ordained destruction; that is governed by astrological cycles; but is able to be individually circumnavigated by degrees by those that are spiritually aligned and understand the spiritual warfare around us constantly.

Think of it as a computer program and you need to understand it; in order to break the encryption, that is basically what we humans need to do. But lacking in any esoteric education and any interest in real spirituality will most definitely be a downfall to those that do not seek to achieve any Gnosis or wisdom.



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