25 March, 2021



Wes has put this out as food for thought and to teach us to be aware of  the unseen world and the effects of dangerous secret societies, to serve as a warning. History does repeat itself too, and we are currently living with the effects of insane cult beliefs for over one hundred years, that the average person is aware of.

Some of the comments people make in the comment section are really out there.  Who left the lid off the jar of idiots?

The Vril society to me are nothing but megalomaniacs under the spell of their controllers and they care nothing about humanity. In short egotistical psychopaths, that want to rule the world, choosing who are to live, die or be slaves to their dark masters. Notice how the women disappeared at the end of the war, how very convenient, no doubt a change of hair style and a new identity. These beings that they were in touch with are clearly not benevolent. It makes you ask the question who in their right mind would communicate with them?

How many more crazy people are there; that endorse this nonsense about benevolent beings coming to help humanity? We are a commodity and enslaved in this reality. Hell; even the  cult of Isis elite knew how to enslave a soul right after bodily death using black magic.

It is no leap of faith to say that they communicated with very similar evil beings too. We have spin doctors that have packaged the cult of Isis into what is now Christianity. Again not for the benefit of humanity. It's the same poop different shovel; constantly in our low vibrational frequency. It will not get better, ever, as that defeats the purpose of this reality.

There is no such thing as a mass spiritual awakening either! That is not how this works and never was intended to work.

Last night I was reading an archaeological forum, and one new ager was going on a ridiculous rant about  humanity aligning with a higher dimension and  aligning with the Krystal court. I was absolutely nauseated by her tripe so much I got off of the site. This site is run by a respected archaeologist too. Generally I don't go on forums etc, because people just troll each other or a new age fanatic posts absolute garbage with no scientific founding's only parroted new age garbage that has absolutely no sound scientific background that some individuals take to heart as the truth without any real validation.

The new age garbage was not really any different to what the Vril society are into, it has just been re-spun for the new agers to fall into this insane rabbit hole with no way out. This is a very dangerous mind trap for mental health also.



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