16 March, 2021

Alex nails it again, Turnbull is now Prime Minister of Australia



Well here I am proved correct again. But really who else will they want to be the sledge hammer?
Right at the end of the reading I say, Turnbull will be the next PM. By now I expect people are waking up to the fact that your vote does not mean squat! Elections are all rigged. But this is by passing the ballot box and being in your face, letting you know what is really happening.

Big business pick the leaders, they put the money down to pay for who they want in office. Looks like many will realise that elections are nothing but a dog and pony show. Twice in a row now we have had an "new leader' put into office in Australia. If that ain't a wake up call I don't know what is.

You did not vote Turnbull in to office, nor Gillard the first time around. Do you honestly think  your vote  counts? Wake up and smell the coffee. Gee I am not a political person, but when upstairs tell me something I listen. We are in for a very tough time so lets not fool ourselves. Don't think your money is safe in the bank either. If you can shift it into silver ingots or little gold ingots that would be smart. Those with money to spare buy property. Do what you can to protect what you have or it will be gone soon.

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