Saturday, 6 March 2021

The great reset is a coup by the elite

Of course it’s not a konspiracy, it is happening! The public can’t say they weren’t warned, the information has been in public domain for years, the masses however listen to mainstream news and are being constantly lied to, with the media  making out the public  are socially ignorant and incapable of independent thought as soon as people question anything. News reporters are not innocent, they are imparting this insult to the public and are condescending towards those that ask questions. Award them no sympathy. 

I also feel people are being manipulated by both sides of the media. Alan Jones is not exactly short of money himself. Neither are other high profile people in the media; many of whom have the audacity to say we are all in this together.  I feel this is getting people to choose a side. Team A or team B, ( we live in a dualistic reality remember? There are always opposites); there are other options though, instead of controlled opposition. This smells like Freemasonry at it’s best. Both teams win something, but the public are kicked to the kerb as usual; when they are no longer required for an agenda. 

We after all are useful idiots, constantly being manipulated for political gain. We do not benefit from anything. We do get the odd bone to keep us quiet and that is about it. As long as you give your consent to either team, you are following the fateful rules of karma. You can object and disagree with either option, that is what people forget. 

I am actually wondering  what happens to houses that are privately owned by ordinary people, if there is actually any truth in the rumours circulating and hinted at by the UN. No one has outrightly said what will happen to our homes. I think people need to know what is the intention here. If you haven’t any debt and own your own house; How can it be taken from you? Is it actually possible? What about when a person has made a will and intends to leave property to loved ones? Personal items whether they are worth a little money or vast amounts of money, such as jewellery, furnishings, collectable items etc, this is what we need to know. If times are hard people do sell off goods for money, it has always been the way.

Rest assured that these rich bastards will never hand over their assets. Just think about that, what happens to the Queen, Bill Gates, and all the multimillionaires  and multi billionaires assets? You bet they will not be touched, there is no way in hell that would happen. People need to see things in black and white and understand what the full intentions and outcome of this “reset “ is going to be. I would imagine this will happen over a few decades. But we need to see in writing what the full intentions are. Yes it looks like corporate communism, dictated by a few sociopaths. But if the masses stand up, then that can change things without violence.

I have felt this coming for over thirty years and no one would listen, all I can say to those that refuse to listen is, not my circus and not my monkeys; to those that refused to believe me. But here we are, this reset has already started, and  it started long before the media mentioned it. You just haven’t felt the pain yet, but you will. 

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