06 March, 2021

I wasn’t ready! Right said Fred ; I’m too sexy.

 Ok something different now.

For us oldies out there, remember Right said Fred? I’m too sexy, ( the Fairbrass brothers, Craig and Fred). There were a lot of t shirts out there with this written on them and baby ones with  spoofs, like I’m to sexy for my nappy. Weird  Al Yankovich did a great parody of this with Elmer Fudd. In Australia 2 MMM fm did a great parody too, on the was very popular Doug Mulray show in Sydney back in the early 1990’s.


Good to see young people discovering music of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. Music was great back then, Australian music started being noticed overseas too. 

Oh by the way Right said Fred is an expression used in England, I have English in Laws and I often heard my father in law say this. Basically it means,  right let’s get started.  If you watch old British tv shows like Minder from the 1980’s or The Sweeney from the 1970’s, The Bill which ran from the 1980’s through to the late 1990’s, you will pick up funny expressions that are still in use. All very entertaining and amusing tv shows . 

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