Sunday, 14 March 2021

The Riotact: Incredible discovery could hold natural key to treating allergies

This is exciting news for us allergy sufferers, I am mucous city 24/7. I have had allergies for years and always carry an allergy spray in my bag and a heap of Kleenex. Some days a 180mg of Telfast doesn’t even touch the allergies, so I use my homeopathic spray on top of the antihistamine, or on the odd occasion take a second Telfast at night if the allergy is really bad. 

I have developed asthma recently too, no family members on either side of my family have that. So I have no idea how I acquired that, lol. My kids have asthma, but I assumed it came from my husband’s side. 

It is not uncommon for older people to develop allergies as they get older. So I guess some of mine are because I am an old fart now 不不 You know you’re getting old when you just love things like Deep Heat or Denkorub for arthritis. My favourite perfume at night. 

My only worry now is, what if I develop bad taste in clothes and gaudy colours. Hubby assured me he would put a pillow over my face and make it look like an accident 不不 Might be a good option if my fashion sense goes out the window. You are better being out the world than out of fashion 不不

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