07 May, 2022

Wes Penre is back on YouTube

 Hi Peeps,

Wes has sent out an email to say he is back on YouTube. Lol, Every time Wes goes to post an email I get a psychic message to let me know about that. Funny isn't it. I have let him know that too he was amazed. 

Stranger things have happened, lol. Anyway isn't that great that he is on YouTube again. 

Have a lovely weekend where ever you are, I do hope everyone is doing something they enjoy over the weekend. 

warm and fuzzy huge to all    

UPDATE  Looks like YT have struck again and censored Wes Free speech I’m loving it! Not!


Wes has put his videos on Rumble, yeah it’s new to me too. So many platforms out there for an old fart like me 🤣🤣 Anyway if you are interested bookmark the platform and keep an eye out for more videos. Sign up 

for his emails too.

Wes Penre posted on YouTube on May 14/15  Riding the Avatar and Nanotechnology what is the connection.


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