13 May, 2022

Wes Penre: Video 301 The singularity timeline part 7 closer to the end goal


Top link takes you to the video format and the bottom link to the written pdf version 


I am no fan of Barbara Marciniak and I am generally very wary of anything  to do with her. However this agenda is real, make no mistake about that. The signs are all around us as are the warnings. It is up to the individual to be aware and take the steps to avoid the put falls.

I am glad to be an older person because what is proposed has never appealed to me. I can only take so much technology. I am also extremely careful when it comes to spiritual and esoteric matters too. I keep it simple that way I do not wander off my path. I read extensively and keep note on what I feel is important. 

These people that think it is a great idea to create esoteric groups for evil purposes always come to a bad end in one way or another. They don’t learn anything good nor are they interested in doing good. It all catches up with a person when they indulge in negative energy. It can be just as addictive as drugs to some people and it will eventually destroy them. I just don’t understand why some people go down this path, there is absolutely nothing to gain other than your own demise.

Spiritually speaking one can create a world without using artificial intelligence, thought  can do this and when we are not in a physical body there are less restrictions on us. However that will also depend on where we as individuals go after physical death. Also if we leave this universe and head out further into the multiverse. Anything is possible as long as we are permitted to go into certain areas and what our intentions are including our level of spiritual awareness. The thought reactive multiverse is a great unknown to humanity so we must be very careful or we can end up anywhere and perhaps get into danger. 

Keep it simple as you learn/unlearn and relearn; and also how to protect yourself as you negotiate the spirit world and multiverse. We are all learners then we venture into the unknown so great care and courage is needed. Fear holds us back and can block us from moving anywhere due to it being a low energy frequency. 

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