14 May, 2022

Tarot card of the month: June 2022, Page of Cups


Element: Water,       Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, Pieces   Cardinal point of direction: West

Season:  Autumn/ Fall   Realm:  Heart  Gender: Female  Colour: Red

Note: Pisces is ruled by the watery planet Neptune, and water runs through this month. 

Welcome to Tarot card of the month for June 2022, The Page is a messenger in this tarot card, his message can be one of hope, unexpected surprises, he can also be naive due to his youth and inexperience in the big wide world.  The key words here are cool logic, naivety, communication, hope and romantic charm. he is intelligent and represents new beginnings. 

June follows on with the realm of thought, the mind (consciousness) and emotions. I am very cautious about June because I feel unexpected events or situations may happen. Ukraine and Russia dominate the news still and obviously will do for quite a while.  China is stepping up it's game too. Life goes on else where but with some interruptions to our daily lives.

As I look at the card I notice the young man on the card is seriously engaged in looking at the fish in his golden chalice. The fish is the bearer of a message to the page, who is also a messenger and the page is listening to the message. Can he carry out the request of the message bearer? Who is the message bearer and what does he want? I feel the messenger in the form of a fish is the US.

This message comes from the West and I would say the US as the US seems to be the money holder calling the shots, or at least is appearing to be the one calling the shots, but who is behind the US pulling strings? 

For that answer one needs to be keeping an eye on the world news constantly. I mean really paying attention and noticing the message between the words as in the Hegelian dialect. There is a mystery or deception behind what is currently being played out on the world stage at present. Not everyone is aware of what is really taking place and many leaders are unsure in how they should respond or react. The veil of this situation is gradually lifting to reveal what is taking place behind the scenes. This may shock many people all over the world because it is nothing like what they believed it to be. 

This card does not miss the message or the reality of the world events. it is to the point and hard to miss. The young page is a representation of Vlodomir Zelensky He is young in the big world of international politics and is playing up against the big boys, he has no idea what levels they will go to and he is actually wedged in to the current political situation. He must listen very carefully to what he is told. by the west. There is no room or margin for error and time is vital in order to pull this off. This is not actually to the benefit of the people, it is to the benefit of some world leaders as time will soon reveal.  “Oh what a mess“ are the words in my ears as I type this. Something is afoot and it is going to be disastrous for those left to sort out the mess that has been left behind. This will take a generation or two  to repair and heal if healing is at all possible.

“Woe is to the heart of those lost in war; they have no chance to tell the truth nor were they meant to. It is not for us to reason why it is for the lords of time to adjust and right the wrongs!” These are the words given to me as I write this article. I am as flabbergasted by this as you are who read this.

Now to get on with the article, the page on the card looks self assured and cocky. He is a thinker with a cool mind and intellect. But intellectual  is not what gets him to where he is going. No it is the wisdom of others that stear this willing young man along his path to history, is it victory? If so for whom?

As I look at the page eyeing up the prize to be won I feel he is highly motivated in his goals and dreams. He wants  or needs recognition from others on a world level. I do feel he has restrictions on him though. He must listen to advice and not be foolish. Many depend on him. What I feel though is what is going on in the background. Emotions and thinking, the world leaders put their heads together for this situation guiding the page (Zelensky). Zelensky is now on a public world wide platform all eyes are on him front and center. He is given advice from an unseen source connected with pieces (Scandinavia, or cities such as Seville, Boston and Warsaw) Pieces also rules hands and feet.

The page holds up the golden chalice like a microphone in order to speak but he also looks like he has to listen first then speak. The fish in the chalice is looking directly at the page as if communicating with his on a telepathic or psychic level. The fish is seen to be imparting information or an order/instructions to the page.

The page is naive but willing to  listen to what he is told, he feels he is standing on solid ground and knows what he is doing.This is his actual undoing though, he has yet to realise and will eventually no longer trust the west, he forgets he is dealing with the big boys. His back is to the water in the card  rather than looking directly at the water, big mistake. Thus he cannot see what is coming, Thus unprepared for an attack or an unforeseen event.

A page is a young and inexperienced in the school of life, yes he may well be very intelligent and well educated but he must not be too cocky or try to tell others what to do or he will be cut down to size. He must learn to be savvy and know when things are not in his best interests or his countrys best interests and also to know when he is being used. 

The page strikes me as listening to advice but he needs to also be smart and use his logic, not to be outsmarted by older and wiser powers. 

As I study the card I look at the blue hat and matching scarf and a blue tunic with what looks to me like red  tulips. Tulips are what opium is made from and we know this affects the mind, dulling the senses. This symbol is very important with regards to current world events unfolding so please, keep this in mind if you pardon the pun. The month of June is about mind games, deception and being in a stupor, the mind not on the ball as it were. Pay close attention to detail with regards to what is said in the media. pay attention to their words and meanings. 

Air travel issues are in the news , this feels like Europe, UK and possibly the US. I also feel there is a small window of opportunity for something, this feels like conflict, sea and air issues. I see a submarine here for some reason. Water is important for the month of June. 

The gray background feels very strange to me and it feels like a veil as if it is covering something and the page is being used as a decoy. The page doesn't even realise that he is being used as a decoy. He stands proud and dutifully listening to and taking orders and advice from key men in the US and the west. He is the front-man yet he cannot see this yet. but he is in for a shock. I do feel this young man the page must be ready to pack his bags at some stage. I see him (Zelensky) on a flight out of Ukraine.

Meanwhile everything in Europe is getting difficult between the EU/UN  and NATO. Plans are being made and disagreements over what to do are sticking points among these old war horses. 

The curtain behind the page is lifting gradually and reveals a great mystery or agenda. This feels like the Ukraine/Russia situation and as I look at the cards I am drawn to the Blue and Yellow at the bottom of the card isn't that interesting. The page is standing on the  golden-yellow  ground (Sunlight/enlightenment and the national flower is a sunflower). Is he making a statement of some sort here?  His boots tell me he means business. Also they tell me of a journey to be taken, a mission. Is this a physical journey or an inner journey of the mind? 

Notice his red puffed sleeves on his tunic suggesting muscles and strength, one hand casually on his waste tells me he is kind of relaxed about this. The page is looking to the right hand side which is the west in cardinal direction points. Male energy is the right hand side also. His hand on the chalice implies strength, and acceptance of an offer in this particular reading of the card. it also covers the future and it is active energy; be ware!  The chalice is a vessel that holds something usually liquid such as wine. This can also be the human body which is a vessel for the soul or spirit. 

The belt around the waste of the page is binding, cutting energy or limiting power, energy and movement. This is both a negative thing and a positive thing depending on the situation. The belt is kind of like the lemniscate or infinity symbol implying stuck in a ongoing situation, time or event as in a loop that keeps repeating. 

Hat: Consciousness and intellect and thought mode. Blue colour of the hat implies coolness of thought, consciousness and truth in this particular card.

Red sleeves, leggings and tunic trims, Power, life force, passion, anger, courage, revolution and action.

Yellow, bitterness, confidence and deceit.

Golden chalice, Harvesting riches, greed, wisdom. Chalice is a vessel too, to hold things. The physical body as I said earlier is a vessel for spirit or the soul to dwel in physical form. 

Brown and boots, imply grounded, journey, practical, decay, earthy.

The sea/ocean it is deep and mysterious, salty and bitter tasting. it also implies wisdom. Salt water tastes bitter when swallowed such as in drowning. However water is an energy moving or still. In the card the water is moving at a steady flow. So the situation is moving but not fast it is a steady flow.  Is there really any progress? No, it is just treading water with no real gains. Why is this?  What or who is holding things up? 

Now looking at the card again the earth beneath the feet of the page looks dry, not lush and fertile soil. Behind him the sky is dull and gray, it is not a bright lit sky. It looks depressing , the feeling for June in some ways is depressing and not a happy month for some people.  It is definitely a month to be watching world events play out. 

Money must be handled carefully, do not rush off to spend ot or you may regret it later. The year is not a year to be careless with money. Interest rates as we know are rising. Now Madrid, Spain is in the news this could be a political issue. Sweden has the same coloured flag as Ukraine and are depicted on the card right at the feet of the page of cups. I get the feeling of water here connected to both nations. But I get the feeling of water generally for the month of June. Consciousness and the human mind just like last month. Now with regards to Sweden and Ukraine this feels like NATO and we know that this is still on the cards for membership.That is a slow drawn out procedure itself  , hence the feeling with the waves not being fast moving. 

I do feel the Swedish people are apprehensive with all the sudden news, it is just so new to them. They are not used to conflict.I feel the Swedish peoples emotions are slow to anger, however I am not so sure if they will be so calm over this issue with Ukraine and Russia. They just want the status quo and to live in peace like most people do.

In the UK this summer as the weather warms up the young want to go out and have fun. Care is needed with alcohol use outdoors in public places such as at the beach. Violence is possible due to immature young people that imbibe too much, and fighting starts of course as the football season is in full swing.

Be ware of suspicious phone calls, scammers are busy, phone hacking and internet hacking is rife and money will be stolen in higher amounts than usual  through scams and hacking. Better security is needed for all devices. Have at least two step verification on all your devices. 

Stay safe and warm and fuzzy hugs



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