12 May, 2022

A dire situation that is unprecedented’: Senior Alfred doctor quits, warning of mass burnout


Yet people still voted in Chairman Dan Andrews, again. WHY? Perhaps they have had too many knocks to the head or not enough to knock some intelligence into them. This is a disaster and when you or your loved ones die who is to blame? People need to get off their arses en mass and complain to their local members of parliament and demand something be done. How many burned out doctors, nurses and ambulance staff does it take to quit, or even kill themselves before help is given? 

Read the comments section too because some are from medical personnel, also Labor have been in power for nearly 23 years in Victoria. So what is the excuse for this when the government can throw millions of dollars at other projects including the Olympics. Where will the overseas staff come from? Is that causing a drain on their homeland’s medical services? How long does it take for them to arrive here and start working? Not to mention some people may need their medical qualifications translated into English prior to starting work. These things take time to arrange, that time is translated into lives to be saved. 

In the meantime, Canberra is not much better with staff run off their feet, the system is broken and under staffed as it is. If you are a public patient it takes ages to see a specialist in Canberra, if they have a specialist that you actually need. I saw a Rheumatologist last year, around November and was told that they will contact me in February to give me my next appointment. This is May and after two phones calls to the outpatient clinic I am still waiting. They see one public patient a month, and I was told over the phone there were 10 people ahead of me. I had to extract the answers from the clerk too. He did say that some people had not bothered responding to the outpatient department when they tried to contact patients. Meanwhile I am still waiting, my doctor has also faxed them a document saying my condition has gotten worse and also waiting for a cardiologist appointment now too as my condition has gotten worse. May be I am being selfish but I kind of like breathing. I like being able to use my hands and arms too without losing all feeling in my hands and I have chronic pain in my neck, shoulders, elbows and arms. 

And yes this is a Labor government in office for 20 years in Canberra too. Let’s be honest though it makes no difference who is in power because no matter who is in power someone will screw up, it is only by varying degrees and the public are so apathetic it’s nauseating. What ever happened to holding these officials accountable? The Barr government in the ACT are as useful as a back pocket in a singlet yet every election the dummies keep voting Labor. Perhaps if the Liberals in the ACT had a clue they might actually win an election it’s been at least 20 years since they did anything except turn up for work and get paid. 

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