13 May, 2022

Review launched into death of Amrita Lanka after parents claim their concerns were ignored


How does this happen in a modern country? My heart goes out to people that lose loved ones like this and especially if they lose a child.  This is the Victorian health system at its worst. In April a young girl died of an asthma attack because the ambulance didn’t arrive on time. Below is the article about her death and it is  so distressing to read about what the poor girl and her family suffered. The Ambulance officers at ground level would be feeling like the worst people on earth and feeling guilty for something that is not their fault. But you never see the real individuals responsible feeling any guilt or take responsibility for preventable deaths. How can one live with that on their conscience and sit in their cushy office so far removed from such suffering; willing to let others live with heartache and feelings of failure to save a life?


How utterly devastating this is and the feeling of being helpless in an emergency. There is absolutely no need for the health system to be driven into the ground like this. This is an agenda behind this and it is through the western world for decades. It is  money before lives basically and it is so damn obvious yet no one wants to fix this. The public deserves better than this disgusting disregard for human lives. 

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