13 May, 2022

JP Sayers: They banned abortion, Everything you need to know

 https://youtu.be/-jwYcOlUdws Watch the video all the way through and read the comments.

Truth is often disguised as humour. Gates parents are well known eugenicists, yet didn’t abort him when they had the chance. Someone give them an upper cut please! You see the rules only apply to the working classes. Eugenics was popular all over the western world from the late 19th century most of the wealthy people though it was right up to WW2 and obviously many still do (selective breeding). It’s absurd though because many of them are inbred and are not as mentally stable as ordinary people. Humans are no different to animals in saying that the purer the bloodline the higher the risk of defects.  The seriously rich believe in keeping bloodlines clean and the female bloodline is vital to keeping the elite alive and in control. This has gone on since the dawn of time really. It just didn’t become public knowledge until the 20th century.

The hysterical  female in the video screeching about abortions is utterly disgusting. Who in their right state of mind does this, you can bet your ass she was indoctrinated at university. Did you know planned parenthood are behind the political group EMILY’S list? And find it perfectly acceptable to perform late term abortions and will endorse female politicians that joint EMILYS list and financially support them to further their political careers. 

The baby does feel every bit of pain in late term abortion, being ripped apart literally. One must question the mindset of any individual that participates in such a horrific murder but also neglects to tell the poor woman what she will have to endure as well as the poor baby feeling every part of its cruel death.The baby is not given any pain relief.

Bear in mind these “females” endorsing abortions and especially late term abortions have never had to go through this horrific suffering or they would not be the militant wicked creatures they are. They are anti life and anti women, bitter and full of rage through manipulation and indoctrination. No normal thinking woman acts like this.

If you have the courage then research this abomination of evil, I don’t recommend looking at the videos though because they are horrific. Terminations are done for various reasons, but after 12 weeks I don’t think it is the right thing to do, I feel for any woman that is in this situation and sympathies with them. But it really depends on the health issues of mother and baby when the procedure is done. Late term termination is absolutely wrong and very, very dangerous to the mother and the poor little baby.The mother is often left traumatised after such a horrible experience and deserving of our love and compassion. These poor women are manipulated into going through late term abortions with absolutely no real idea of what it really entails. Please do not hate these poor women, they are victims of abuse by very evil and devious individuals with a clear agenda. These ladies have absolutely no idea about the agenda. 

We are living in such sick and disgusting times and people are deliberately pitted against each other. For those with an esoteric education the reasons are obvious and highly disturbing. We must be very careful as to choosing a side if at all. Karma is automatically activated if one takes sides with anything on this earth. Karma though is a deliberate artificial construction to enslave the soul of the unaware.unless you have a sound esoteric education then you may be tricked into believing and accepting this evil manipulation of innocent souls. I will remind you again this is a very negative and very low vibrational frequency that we are locked into. It is not for the betterment of humanity, more the opposite and for multiple reasons. Thus a good esoteric education is needed to call the ferryman’s bluff.

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