06 May, 2022

Wes Penre: Video 300 Q and A # 98


When Wes mentioned the keeping the soul group together as one, stop and think about the pandemic propaganda advertising at present, “We are all in this together”.  That is part of the programming of our consciousness and it is very negative occult (hidden knowledge) in nature. This is often seen in advertising with two hands, one above the other. In the As above, and so is below/ As above, so is below hand sign which is also ancient esoteric negative teachings. People such as myself that study metaphysics are well aware and know many of the signs and their meaning, the general public are very unaware of this so it easily seeps into an unaware mind and thus programmed. 

This is the one used for the pandemic, it has also been used for the Commonwealth Bank in Australia and other advertisements.

Baphomet  doing another form of As above, so is below 

Creating synergy, bringing from the non physical into the physical or temporal world. Thought into action or blending energies.

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