Saturday, 20 November 2021

Medication like a Boss ah tells ya!

 Boy it can be hard giving  medication to our fur babies. The high risk of bites or scratches add to the adrenaline rushed moment. Ah, but dogs are easier than cats. Just a huge dollop of peanut butter and stick that bad boy pill in the middle and woompha down the hatch it goes. Too easy 不不 well most of the time anyway 不不 I stopped using sandwich meat long ago as I get a better result with peanut butter and it’s cheaper lol. 

I recently had Ruby at the vet to have her glands drained; as there is no way in hell that I will be dumb enough to do that with out all the padding that the police use to train police dogs. She is feisty with a capital F.

I give her half a human antihistamine tablet as advised by our vet,  with a big dollop of peanut butter to soothe her itching and she takes it like a Boss. No harm done and I get to live to another day 云云 Not sure if other people in Australia are having problems with their poochies  being itchy at present; with the strange weather and high pollen count. But my poor Ruby is scratching like crazy poor little girl; and I cut the grass regularly to make sure that there is nothing in the grass to make her itchy. 

But there are plenty of pollen laden trees and flowers in the neighbourhood at present. In fact it is the worst season on record for pollen and allergies. I am in the middle of removing Forget me not flowers from the garden too as I had let them run wild this year. Bad idea to let them self seed; so now in between the rain I have to rip them out they may be part of the itching problem and the Forget me not seeds stick to everything imaginable. 

We are getting a lot of rain and then out comes the sun and hey presto pollen! I am allergy central with dust, pollen and pet hair as it is and popping antihistamines daily and eye drops. But poor Ruby is scratching like a fleabag still; even a week after having her glands drained. So it’s daily antihistamines for her too until the itching stops.

It’s not much fun for our furry family members when life is made miserable with itching. Cats on the other hand don’t have the same issues as dogs as far as I know with pollen allergies. My cats were indoor cats for most of their lives and never had to worry about fleas or other nasties. Medicating them was a nightmare though, life saving medication twice a day in old age; and peanut butter just didn’t cut the mustard. They were gentlest kitties imaginable but when it came to medication they had the strength of a lion and I have the battle scars to prove it 不不 You suddenly learn you ain’t da Boss when giving a cat medication. Lacerated yes, Boss, no! But after the ordeal they were back to being lovingly affectionate kitties again and all is forgiven.                                                

                                      Giving a dog medication or worm tablet 

How a cat sees it self  after you try to give it medication; like a Boss!

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