Friday, 12 November 2021

Paramedic mum says kids shouldn’t be given food in car in case they choke

Sound advice here, also turn the music down because you can’t hear if a child is choking or vomiting.

Never let children touch the seatbelt buckle either. Too many children are injured or killed because they are not in a seatbelt, or not wearing it properly. I have lost count of the amount of children that I have seen standing up in the car; while the car is being driven. My heart is in my mouth when I see this, even a dog not restrained is dangerous. Not just that; the poor dog can get killed, usually going through the windscreen and or, being a projectile that can injure a passenger or the driver. Picture a dog striking your neck in an accident, instant broken neck for the human and then horrific injuries for the poor dog.

Safety first, if the children need to eat or drink, pull over it’s better to take a break that suffer tragedy. Plan your outings, and if travelling some distance allow extra time for children to have a comfort break. Leave early if you know that you have to arrive at a particular time. That is less stress and if your children need to eat or drink en route, you can pull over, feed the children and back on the road. 

Toilet before leaving the house if possible, because sometimes you may be on a very long road without any public facilities for a few hours. Happy children, happy driving 😀 

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