Wednesday, 10 November 2021

TGA requests information from Pfizer after medical journal alleges contractor ‘falsified’ safety data

This is quite disturbing! Read the entire story;  the BMJ is one of the most respected medical journals in the world, with a good reputation. 

Sadly children in the USA, UK and Ireland have died suddenly shortly after vaccines, with blood clots in the brain or heart issues. Athletes too suffering heart attacks. It is not in high numbers, but it’s not good. 

I am not saying don’t vaccinate, I think it is still a good thing, just be aware. These vaccines are still in the experimental stage until 2023. Still lives are being saved by the vaccines, I would rather have the vaccine than not have it. As for the stories on the internet about being dead within a year or so after the vaccine, that is a load of rubbish. I would say it is dangerous propaganda. Covid deaths are a horrible way to die and I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, and being on a ventilator is a horrible experience; that some people find highly distressing as they are coming out off ventilators.

 I know of a few people that have died of covid and the heartache that their loved ones are going through. I have had people in spirit come through in readings for clients to tell them of their passing and what it was like. 

My husband was on a ventilator a few years ago after surgery and as he was coming off it, he said it was the worst thing he had ever experienced. Picture being in your body but can’t move, you can hear people talking but you can’t speak or see. You can feel pain and can’t move; you feel trapped and scared because the doctors and nurses have to gradually bring you out of the induced coma, they do this over a period of time because if you are in that coma for a while it is harder to revive the person. So you are conscious for a few minutes and then back in the coma. Depending on your medical condition this can be over a couple of days and rather frightening for the patient to boost your health. 

My husband said he could never go through that again it was so traumatic for him. My husband has had many radical gastrointestinal  operations over the past 35 years too, but the ventilator was by far the most frightening thing he had ever experienced. So please do be wise with your health and don’t take silly risks.

Keep yourselves healthy and practice social distancing and hygiene, take vitamin D, zinc vitamin C and perhaps topical or transdermal magnesium. 

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