Saturday, 13 November 2021

Pandemic pet boom turns up the volume on Canberra’s vet crisis

This is very distressing news, vets have a high suicide rate, which is horrible. Good caring human beings that give their all to help animals, yet where is the help these good people need. We have a serious shortage of vets in Australia, what will happen next if we can’t get anyone to fill in the gaps? This is quite frightening on both sides. Lives at stake! 

My Ruby is lucky because we have a couple of vets at our local vet. We think the world of our local veterinary staff. They are the most wonderful and loving people you could ever wish for. I would be heartbroken to lose any of the staff at our local vet. 

I just wish that the government would step up and get help in place for these wonderful human beings, that dedicate their lives to save our beautiful fur babies.

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