Wednesday, 10 November 2021

Bill Gates on climate crusade on one of the worst polluting forms of transportation

Well what did you expect really?  Do as I say; not as I do. Anyone holding the elite to account for flying around in private jets or sailing in luxury yachts? Nah, don’t be silly that only applies to the working classes. 

What about how bad eating meat is for the masses BS, not to mention the rise in the cost of buying meat in the supermarket. In reality they want to suppress vital nutrients to dumb down the masses. Ask any neurologist if a vegan diet retards the brain. I did; and was told straight; that a vegan diet harms the brain, but a vegetarian diet is fine; at this point I was a strict vegetarian for ten years for spiritual reasons but during lockdown in March 2020; I decided to eat meat again to see if it made any difference to my psychic abilities or my health due to having fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. It made absolutely no difference to my overall health. 

 The point I am trying to make is; the greenhouse gas bs has nothing to do with humans eating meat nor cattle. Cattle produce good natural fertiliser for the earth, which is safer than chemical fertilisers. Cattle are not causing pollution by way of flatulence and neither are humans. 

Trees are the planets lungs and clear the air of natural gases. How stupid are people to think cow flatulence is bad for the atmosphere? 

Critical thinking is undesirable because the powers that be do not want a challenge. So they created a movement that will be the new look communism to dumb down the masses to prevent their loss of power. The masses policing the masses and just like in communist Russia, people are turning informants. Have you not witnessed this over the past few years? 

What about the owners of luxury cruise ships? That is big money involved and yet they are still pushing for people to go on the ships for a holiday. Are the climate change morons stopping the cruise ships?  Nope! Are airlines stopping? Nope! But it is a crime to have a car if you are a regular person. 

 So why is old Billy boy allowed to use his yacht or private jet? None of the morons are taking a shot at him,the royals or any of the elite, just the ordinary people. 

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