Saturday, 20 November 2021

'TREATED LIKE SLAVES' I worked for Amazon in a ‘cage’, had to pack an item every 10 secs and was pressured not to use the loo

Everyone knows about this human rights abuse. It has gone on for years, but you know what consumers are part of the problem. The consumers obviously don’t have a problem with human rights abuse; that the staff work under because they still buy from this company.

Where are the public’s moral values?  Oh; that’s right they don’t have any. No respect for human lives at all or they would not buy the goods. It is all about consumerism and not human beings. 

People have died fighting for their rights in the western world; less than a hundred years ago and today those rights are being trashed by the masses through ignorance, arrogance and greed. 

My grandpa fought for the rights of workers after he came back from the Somme in WW1. My father fought for the rights of workers as manufacturing was being stripped from Australia over 30 years ago; I find it utterly diabolical that here we are in 2021 and we are going backwards. 

Just as I saw in premonitions back in 1990. We are already back to those days; only fashion changes but not the mentality. Everyone deserves respect and good working conditions. We should not have to tolerate this appalling abuse and negligence by corporations and consumers. But here we are living like other people’s lives don’t matter. 

This can happen to anyone, especially if people are willing to let it happen. Money before humanity, is it any wonder that humanity has never transcended to a higher plain of existence? 

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