Saturday, 13 November 2021

Wes Penre: Video 280;Q and A session 87

People are obviously not reading the Wes Penre Papers if they are still asking these questions for heaven’s sake! This is not hard to grasp. To be blunt, I am surprised Wes actually has to keep repeating himself. 

As I often comment, people are not willing to spiritually awaken, they will not invest the time and effort for their own salvation; as in exiting the matrix.  The individual is responsible for themselves and if they can’t be bothered learning anything then that is their problem. 

The Christian bible even states this fact. There is no such thing as dumbing down spirituality. Take personal responsibility and accountability for your self! To expect someone to do it for you is impossible and crass ignorance. 

I look at my stats every day and I notice very few bother to click on the Wes Penre information. That says something right there about how lazy the masses are, yet they worry about the covid vax. I would be more worried about exiting the matrix because that’s the most important thing to be worried about.

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