13 February, 2024

Wes Penre: Q and A Session on the Wes Penre papers #1 February 2024


Reading the first question and answer, I though , here we are again. It is the same old story that plays out continuously in our reality. Studying astrology cycles will do you more good in understanding why things happen in our world, as I keep saying everything is programmed and nothing is by chance.

Humanity doesn't have freewill, they have the illusion of freewill and a limited response scope of choice per individual in each moment to respond to whatever the situation or threat is. That is also affected by one's level of awareness spiritually and basic understanding of how one's astrological personality works in either positive or negative state of awareness. What planets are detrimental in one's chart and how one handles their abilities.

As for the comment by Tesla, I have not read any works by him per say only information written about him. But where is his knowledge really coming from and what proof did he have and do we have? 

Yes, everything is a vibrational frequency right throughout the universe and multiverse. It is based on mathematics. He is correct though about not being able to perceive what is out of our frequency range, just like being a medium or using psychic abilities in general. The frequency must be right. 

Interesting that Wes mentions "walk ins", these are rare but can sometimes be someone that is dying and they agree to let someone take over the body while the original person leaves the body. Other than straight-out entity possessions, again they are rare. Not something that one should dwell on either.

Keep in mind the law of attraction with such things, like attracts like. As for Life-Physics-C, give them a miss 

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