04 February, 2024

Australia’s young people are moving to the left – though young women are more progressive than men, reflecting a global trend


This is a global issue not just Australia and I don’t see parents complaining to the education department about the indoctrination of children from the moment they start school right up to university. Teachers come out of universities and carry the indoctrination into the classroom and the public allows this. Children don’t have the right to vote, they are vulnerable and impressionable. They believe whatever an adult tells them to believe and this is psychological abuse and manipulation of vulnerable children. 

Don’t you think the government should be held accountable for this? 1984 in action for many years and it won’t stop until parents demand accountability and responsibility for this abuse. Sadly it is a sign of the times and won’t be stopped. Not until after the damage has been done and these young know-it-alls have a wake up to what they have done. 

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

https://www.9news.com.au/national/triple-zero-outage-leads-to-chaos-in-victoria/e5c64336-082c-4bfd-8882-be337fb1ad44   Christ, this is horri...