24 February, 2024

I Love Parasols

I have always had a love affair with parasols and came across a website years ago called A Bit Shady. com.au https://www.abitshady.com.au/empress.php and I started collecting these beautiful parasols. 

I do use them and have just ordered the lace parasol in Ivory to match the fan. These are made in Queensland and of high quality. I can't wait to receive my new baby in the mail this week. It is identical to the little black lace one with the shorter  stem.  

Parasols are making a big comeback in recent times; as I often see ladies of various ages using them. They are good if you want to avoid hat hair in a hot day.  Now there are umbrellas with a silver UV coating on the inside to repel the hot sun too, which is a great idea as they have a double function. I have a little collapsable one that I bought and keep in the car just incase it rains or its really hot. That is just an emergency stand by though. 

The chinese parasol in the photos is waterproof. It is treated with a wax coating so it will always look great. I will probably buy another one of these too. Perhaps the pink or the red , they are both beautiful and it's hard to make up one's mind . I did buy the pink one for a friend a few years ago for her birthday and she loved it.  

I got plenty use out of my umbrellas this year with the constant rain too and I love fancy umbrellas too. My red one  which is similar to the Empress parasol and my Monet one’s especially, very girly-girl stuff, lol. That's a Libra for you 😁

This black and purple was a special one off that the company did. I have no idea how many they made. I hope they revive it because it is very nice. 

See the wooden spokes inside the parasol, amazing craftsmanship 

I hope you like these parasols, and maybe you may decide to use one too this summer. 

My new parasol arrived today, yippee. I can’t wait to try it out. 

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