07 February, 2024

'Too high, too often': Price gouging report calls for government to step in


Gee, Do ya think! With a useless ACCC, I honestly can't see this changing, there is too much money to be lost. So, I am sure the corporations will figure out another way to rob people. Canberra, where I live is one of the most expensive places to live presently and we are just ordinary family people and not full of politicians as people elsewhere seem to think. Politicians are only in town when parliament sits and then they are back in their local constituency. 

 Most people are either public servants, either Federal or Territory government, in regular paid jobs, work in retail, hospitality, the health industry, small private companies or tradesmen. Full time work for many people in retail, hospitality and some health related  jobs is not easy to come by.  People are struggling to make ends meet and many young people live in shared houses, but now older people are having to as well because there is a lack of housing for rental and the price is more than the low to average income earner can afford. 

Old people are having to get part time work because the age pension is not enough to survive on. This is just criminal and don't forget many of these older people have serious health problems and are forced to work even though they are unfit to work. They have paid taxes from leaving school and are now forced to work or perish under both federal governments as well as their state or territory government. Do you think it is fair for your grandparents to have to come out of retirement just to stay alive for a few more years? 

Where is the quality of life here? Is this what you want to live like in your older years? If people do not stand up and make their voices heard then this will continue to happen and get worse. These corporations are worth billions and are nothing but grave robbers that don't even give their staff a living wage or decent working hours nor protection from violent abuse from people on shop floor. Assaults in supermarket staff are rising yet management pays lip service to them and expects the profits to keep coming in. 

Telstra offers apology to family of Victorian who died during triple zero outage

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