14 February, 2024

Not a happy camper

 Not a happy camper. When I want a job done, I want it done the first time and to the letter. I am a person with firm principles and expect others to uphold the same standards as I do if they are hired to perform a service. 

I asked Dlook to pull immediately my website two weeks ago knowing that my contract was almost expired and got no response, this is despite my warning them a few times over the past two years that I am unhappy with the service and would drop them. I sent a second email this morning 14 February 2024, the date my contract expired and included  their service desk cc’d into the email because I have no faith in my account manager  (account managers change without warning frequently and are of the same calibre). 

This being due to several things that I asked her to do and she failed to follow my orders. Not just that I have been unable to access my side of the website to check my stats etc. I tried two weeks ago and I am locked out of it. 

I repeatedly ask via each email to keep all communication via email and not phone. Yet they reach out by phone. It's like hitting my head against a brick wall getting them to carry out anything that I ask.  

Today I had another phone call from Dlook, and told the lady to email me instead as requested each and every time they communicate with me over the past 7 years. 

So this woman sends me an email asking me to pay for my new 12 months subscription. Can you believe this?  I replied and told her that I want my website pulled immediately as there is no way that I will have any further dealings with Dlook. 

This speaks volumes of the way Dlook conducts business as far as I am concerned. I am thoroughly disappointed and offended by this carry on.  I gave the Dlook account manager up to close of business today to remove my website and as expected the website is still not removed, of course I knew this would be the case after all I am a clairvoyant. Sure enough Dlook didn’t disappoint me, lol.

The time stamp is at the top of the image below clearly showing the time as 7.32pm 14/2/2024.

When you are pay for a service make sure everything is carried out correctly, you are paying for the service, you call the shots. If that service provider doesn’t perform properly drop them promptly. 

This link below is my official website since I launched it before Christmas 2023. 


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