13 February, 2024

Is porridge good for weight loss?


Hell yes! To start with ditch the stuff you add to porridge. It is a traditional Scottish breakfast food and it should be eaten as intended. Cooked with a pinch of salt and served like that. You can add milk for children especially to cool it down when just served you can add a dessert spoon of honey if you don’t like the taste of porridge as it is intended but nothing else. 

As a child eating porridge in winter weather and in the rush to get to school on time I occasionally put milk in mine. These days I eat it the way it was intended. It’s a lot more filling than toast and Vegemite and very quick to make. It is much healthier than commercial breakfast cereals which are full of sugar. 

I haven’t eaten regular breakfast cereals in years and refuse to eat them because they lack nutritional value unlike porridge. I always remember my paternal grandfather always started his day with a bowl of porridge, he never ate junk food and was always tall and slim. I never knew him to be ill in his life because he ate sensible foods. That there tells me that eating normal foods is the preferred way to good health. 

The optimal diet for most people at present though is not easy due to the rising costs of food, but if one is sensible a simple diet without takeaway food is going to help you lose weight and hopefully keep you healthy. Portion control is the key, because up until the past few years people have been over eating. The task now is to reduce the quantity and keep the shopping list simple. Fresh fruits and either fresh or frozen vegetables, because the nutrients are held in the vegetables when snap frozen. 

Steamed vegetables rather than boiled vegetables again holds the nutrients and prevents them leaking into the boiled water. I have not boiled vegetables in my life. My mother used to because that was common practice in the old days as people were generally unaware that boiling the vegetables meant the nutrients were leached off and into the water. Having said that, people were often told to drink the water from boiling cabbage, yuck! Bags, you go first 🤣

I am actually back to watching my weight again because I got slack, but instead of using the diet shakes, this time I am going back to basics. I did the proper calorie counting many years ago after having a baby and it was perfect. However I was young then and the metabolism slows down as we age. But I am determined to stay in this weight watching mode permanently now for health reasons. That is the most important thing that a person must factor into weight management. 

Trying to keep healthy and the fact that there are often long waits to see a doctor now is the best thing that one can do. Our doctor’s surgery now has between a two to three weeks wait for an appointment. So this is vital in making sure that the individual takes better care of their health and wellbeing.

So porridge is one of nature’s greatest benefits that I can’t be without in maintaining my health. Rolled oats are great for baking with too, whether it’s making ANZAC biscuits, muffins or making an apple crumble. Not to mention cleaning the intestines without needing laxatives. Drink plenty water too to flush the body of toxins and assist in digestion. 

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