04 February, 2024

Greenhouse emissions


This has sat in draft since 2021, but I decided to post it today with an article that was in the news yesterday added in an update. People have a lot more to be worried about right now than this BS. Like the looming world war, don’t be naive and think what is happening in Ukraine or the Middle East won’t happen in your country or town. That will make this climate crap insignificant. Do you think you can protest like idiots when you are being bombed and shot at by the enemy? Good luck with that one.

People get what they deserve when this climate BS is tolerated. There is no way ordinary people could produce the amount of pollution that factories generate, and it has nothing to do with the climate really. The universe goes through cycles of temperature and weather patterns sometimes lasting hundreds of years or longer. Ask Greta to explain that to the masses, she is not a scientist and she has no right to spout propaganda to anyone and  most importantly, who is really feeding her the rubbish she goes on about? 

This climate change garbage is a construction of spin doctors to create an agenda, it comes from the top, down. To put the masses under harsh control and of course divided. There isn’t any climate emergency and never has been; only universal weather cycles. Pollution is a different matter and again it is not the fault of the people, it is the fault of big business. China is the largest producer of pollution in the world as a Google search will show. None of these idiots point the finger at China because they are too stupid to think about that and too gutless. 

The masses are expected to go cold in winter and use less electricity; and in summertime go without a cooling fan or aircon. Try living in 40 degree heat in summer without aircon.  Children, old people and animals can and do die in that heat.  Try to stay alive in cold weather in the northern hemisphere in a freezing cold winter, again many freeze to death due to not being able to heat their home or are homeless. Meanwhile the rich still consume vast amounts of energy unchecked and travel in private jets. What’s wrong with this picture? 

For example the queen living in Buckingham palace owns vast tracts of land world wide, real-estate around the world and so much wealth that she can’t spend in a lifetime; ditto prince Charles. These people could elevate poverty instantly but don’t. They want to keep their millions of pounds. World poverty could be a thing of the past if these billionaires actually stepped up and shared the money by paying their taxes in full. That money that ordinary people helped them amass in blood sweat and tears. 

Gates owns vast tracts of farmland in the US and more assets than we know about like all the rest of these rich and powerful people. They don’t know what it’s like to be hungry, homeless and struggling to survive. So out of touch with you and I with no real empathy or compassion for the masses, their actions speak volumes about their priorities. They want us to give up everything in some cases even our lives, but not them. They are superior to the masses and will never be held accountable to anything but are herding people up to corporate communism for life. 

Brainwashing the youth of the world; that lack a real life experience and has no memory of suffering throughout the Great Depression and two world wars, and recessions throughout history, nor the reality of living through a communist regime. The young and naive don’t want to know the harsh reality of what they are singing up for but they will.  They point blank refuse to listen to the older people that have lived through this suffering and loss. 

But the climate change morons will grovel and hang on every word spouted by Greta, Gates, Al Gore etc; like the indoctrinated sycophants they are. Everyone clambering for a vegan diet; to stunt growth and intellect that any doctor and especially a neurologist will warn you about the damage done from a vegan diet. Oh, but it helps the planet, er no it doesn’t and is unsustainable. 

Well, I am glad that I won’t be alive to see the damage that will be done. Messing with nature which includes homosapiens  is an absolute disaster waiting to happen and it will. So who will be held to blame when it happens? History is being redacted currently and by the time things go pear shaped those really responsible will most likely be dead and unaccountable. So the buck stops with the masses. On a cosmic level the masses will be also held accountable too, because they lack the spiritual education to know what actually is and isn’t their doing.,  it will put their hands up for karmic punishment. That my friends is how it rolls. 

UPDATE: Check this out from 3 February 2024, young people voting left. What could possibly go wrong here? It’s on them because they are wanting communism and are willing to fight for it. Sure  why not!  


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