25 January, 2024

The New US Republican Party President and 2025

 I had a quick look at the cards yesterday  in a 25 card spread regarding  the current situation with Ukraine, The Middle East and the new 47th President 

Starting with the new Republican president and his personality, he seems to be a person that is a bit technically minded and mechanical in his methods or mannerisms. He is a young man or is full of youthful energy, tall and slim. I get the number 53 connected to him, I don’t know if he is 53 years old or the number means something else entirely. I laughed to myself when I saw Herbie the car being shown to me by my guides because Herbie was  number 53 also, and somehow the number is connected. May be he was a fan of the movies. This man doesn’t fit the profile of Donald Trump’s style of president. And even though Trump is in the lead it is way too early to say that he will not be replaced or drop out. 

The Republican Party president to be, is a man that gets things done, he is about action and results. He comes across as a, “How do we fix this?” and “let’s get this sorted” man. He asks questions and wants straight answers, a yes or a no. He doesn’t take any cheek or back answers from anyone. 

He is going to have to hit the ground running when he takes up office because something serious is happening straight away and there is no time to lose.

There will also be open conflict in the US in some way in 2025 this will be quite a shock to the American people. I can’t say if it’s the general public in conflict just like when Trump (Trunk Monkey) came from nowhere and cleaned up the elections, or if there are others from outside of the US actually on US soil ( to clarify this, perhaps it is people storming over the border and this turns violent), but it is really serious. This reminds me of  the Civil War because it’s that serious.

At present Trump seems to be the last man standing, but I feel someone will suddenly be pushed to the front and replace Trump. I don’t see Trump being president again, so I don’t think we have seen the person that will be the dark haired man that I have been seeing for the past two years in my predictions.

Now that Ron DeSantis is out of the picture, I have no idea who will be the new Republican president. I just can’t believe how crazy the US political system is for the past few elections. 

Europe will be in the firing line for war in  2025 also and we have to face this reality right now. NATO will surround Russia and her European allies for a face off and cross the border of Russia. The Middle East conflict will obviously escalate and all of these conflicts will eventually all join up as I have already pointed out in other posts. I do believe that most people have already worked that out long ago. 

Where are the Ukrainian children?  Nobody knows where they are, stalled investigations and dead ends. This is a major scandal or crime. The blame game begins by the end of 2024. I don’t think many of the children will come home. Mothers in anguish demand answers, yet the government passes buck. This is on Zelinsky’s watch and I don’t see him doing much about this. This will be a flashpoint with the public in Ukraine, people had put their trust in him! (note, on 2/2/24  I added this from my original 11 page document because I feel it's very important)

His (Zelensky) mind is on money though, rebuilding Ukraine is his goal. But also, his reward for the job as a proxy war for the US; who installed him. I feel it will be many years before Ukraine recovers from this terrible war. I do feel that one side of Ukraine will benefit from the rebuilding and it won’t be the east. The overlords are one sided here, where is the help and justice for those living in the east?

I feel that they will have to wait much longer for help, years!

Now things will build up in Europe by July to September this year and new problems and hostilities will develop surrounding Russia. I feel NATO will put pressure on Russia and nations allied with Russia in Europe right up to their borders and ready to cross the border. Light skirmishes develop in a cat and mouse game. But it is not until Iran up stakes that things escalate by the end of 2024. Push starts turning to shove in Europe.

Russia is boxed into a corner by now and must fight for its survival. I feel the army is weakened and recruits are deployed without proper training.  Russia is getting arms from China and Iran and there is another nation too, a sub-continent nation. This could possibly be Pakistan or India, and America won’t stand for this.

One thing I was told by my guides was astrologically Mars squares Saturn around this time, sure enough 15 August 2024 is when Mars Squares Saturn. But I felt the month of July so we will have to wait and see what happens. 

Australia in 2025 onwards

New beginnings and feeling revitalised. Time to shine and show your nations strength. Is this real though?  Finances are a key factor, trade agreements and staying within the boundaries of what is safe. Formal alliances and taking the initiative in leadership, yet the government seems fearful.

Authority and law are the issue for 2025. The balance of power needing stabilised and this is hard work holding on to it. America seems to be rushing in to defend us, with air and sea defence.

Australia is a major asset to the US in defending the pacific and the countries between China and Australia.

By this time, I feel India and China have major problems and may be ready to punch on by summer (Northern Hemisphere) July 2025 perhaps. Defence and balance of power is now serious and we must not be under any illusions, this is real. People on the streets are by now upset and anxious.

It is important to remain tolerant and calm right now. I do feel there is an attempt at destabilisation in Australia in 2025. This is in the second half of 2025. Mind games and propaganda are rife. I also see the media fuelling the fire deliberately and they need to be brought under strict control by the government. As there is clear mischief going on at our expense trying to sow tension amongst the public. I see two leaders clearly not listening to each other. The King of Pentacles (Business man/ publisher) is clearly in this for the money. He is no fool, he is wise but a powerful enemy if you get on the wrong side of him. This is a powerful media baron, not a politician.

The King of Wands represents Australia’s prime minister at the time. An agreement must be reached as we get to the end of 2025 by the government and big business leaders because Australia is dependant on these powerful people doing what is right for all Australians and those that are dependant on Australia.

There is going to be an interesting new phase of business from this time onwards. News factions and new inventions, new business ideas/models etc. More global focus on e-Commerce in the Asian Pacific. Something that has never been done before in business with countries like Tonga to support them in business starting up. Contracts to build trust and loyalty in the pacific will be created for long term gains and improving people’s lifestyles. More money for ordinary people to lift their standard of living.

This will anger China and they will fight back very quickly and aggressively. Games of hearts and minds is the order of the day and id Australia doesn’t help people then their lives will be run by China. These people are terrified, but Australia must be very careful how they do this.

Ask yourself though who really benefits?  Do ordinary people benefit? Well only a little, it’s the government and big business that really benefits. However, people will get improvements financially,

Even if it’s buying a new tv, computers and household goods. This is a hearts and minds political game that is always used no matter where we live. Just give the public enough little rewards to keep them happy. There is always a terrible price to pay in blood regardless.


I find this very distressing and I don’t really want to get into this horrible situation because it really upsets me. War is not a pleasant experience for anyone and there are no winners for ordinary people or the animals only misery. 

 I can’t bring myself to write any more of what I have seen in the cards I wrote about 11 pages of information from my tarot spread of 25 cards, but it’s way too upsetting for me. My guides did warn me about what I would see as I decided to look at the cards and there is no way I can bring myself to put all of it on my blog because it would be very irresponsible of me. 


 In  October 2021 I saw the first glimpse of the 2025 US president.


 In 24 October 2022 I mention the new 2025 US president again

UPDATE: As I said when I posted this I find this distressing. I have added some more information that is not as distressing to me that I saw in my reading dated 24 January 2024. Which was only about one or two paragraphs.  I felt that this being time stamped in the blog today and then put into draft for future inspection of my prediction complete with the timestamp  and screenshot of the document  on file showing the date showing that this is factual because there are some individuals out there that may try to discredit me. The paper version was put on to a word document today. I keep records of everything with the date and time no matter what it is. 

UPDATE 25 February, I did say that it’s on in 2025. Lift your game damn fast because you will have borders stormed and open conflict in the US. Trump is right on this one, and no I am not a fan of Trump. I don’t do politics at all!  Just need the warning to protect the US from the enemies within your government. 

If you fail to do this your country is stuffed.


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