20 January, 2024

Fibromyalgia Fatigue this week

 I have not had crappy fibro fatigue hit me in a few months. Over the past week it has hit me hard and today is a totally exhausting day.

I need to rest, I am not sure if I am up to doing readigs at present. I will monitor that day by day, to see when I have the energy to work. The weather plays a part in this too, we have had rain and humidity for a few months which is exhausting to most people but it's worse with fibromyalgia. 

It’s not much fun when trying to go about daily tasks with this dead weight affecting me on top of chronic pain. I get so frustrated because I have study to do but this fatigue stops me focusing and absorbing the information. 

It just becomes so frustrating and exhausting that I need down time, but the chores around the house don't stop, hell no. A house doesn't look after itself nor the laundry and ironing, sheesh. 🙄

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