19 January, 2024

Tarot Card of the Month: February 2024: The Fool



                                                             Planet: Uranus   Element: Air

                                                            Zodiac sign: Pisces  Number: 0

                                     Wholeness, New Beginings, Creation, Birth, Innocence, Naievity,

As I look at this card for February 2024 so much is happening in the world. It is frightening for millions of people right now and is only going to get worse, as I have been warning for a while now. I wish it wasn't this way but I, just like the rest of us ordinary people I am powerless to do anything other than pray for an end to all of this evil. My heart goes out to  every single suffering soul in our world.

As I look at the sun in this bright and jolly card I see male energy which the sun represents.  This male energy is active and dominant, its light reveals everything clearly. The energy is being brought from the spiritual in to the physical realm or from thought into action. This is a bit like the cardinal sign Aries in Astrology which is active and dynamic energy.

The youth holding his swag acts like a lightining rod as the sun's energy travels down the stick holding his swag or bag. The bag/swag holds his worldly goods, be that tools, wisdom learned, memories or burdens. The youth is anchoring this energy as he ambles along in his aparent naivety. 

The 0 at the top of the card is like an egg to be fertilised to bring forth a new begining like an egg hatching. A new cycle has begun already, we are in to the second month of the year where sudden changes are already upon us. (Uranus, sudden change that is often sudden and violent) In  his blissfully unaware state the youth is walking into the clear and apparent dangers that lie just one foot step away.

His eyes are closed, as a metaphor for being in a state of worldly ignorance and naivety.This is telling me about humanity is in a state of true spiritual ignorance  and the dangers that we collectivley face right now in the physical world. The youth is positioned dangerously close to the edge of the cliff and the little dog barks a warning to him to open his eyes to see what is right in front of him and the clear and present danger he faces in his next step. 

The dog is generally seen as man's best freind and very loyal, but it can also be seen as something hounding him relentlessly. If only the human being would awaken to the reality of the situation. 

Looking back at the card, I observe the divide implied by the bright golden yellow sky of spirituality and the barrier of sharp jagged mountains and the high cliff the youth is standing on. The human race are symbolised here with a massive divide both in being cut off from pure spirit and higher aspirations in spiritual attainment. Pride and ignorance (a state of being spiritually unaware) are contributing factors in this chasm of division which mirrors current world events. 

The cliff edge shows us we are reaching past the limits of risk taking. Yet no one heeds the warnings. This is also another fall from grace and spiritual devolution humanity faces. The rocks at the youth's feet symbolise stumbling blocks and obstacles that he needs to notice as do we all need to notice. 

You will notice the youth is facing the left which tells us he is past orientated or fixed on something in the past. Again this reminds us that the human race right now are still living in the past, in the way they are thinking and acting. Times are changing fast and we need to pay attention or we will be swept up in turmoil. 

The left is also seen as feminine and passive energy. It is receptive energy, backward functioning and holding or binding like an agreement or a contract. It is also a rather ominous and inauspicious. So to me this is telling me about something done some time in the past in  western nations. Think the lead up to the events of WW1 for  a start, however this goes back thousands of years really.  

The sharp divides in humanity right now are represented by the sharp rugged edges of the cliffs and the gulf between the yellow sky and the cliff top is in an almost 3D effect. The bright yellow can be viewed as pure source of spirit  and the cliff top as the physical world from a metaphysical understanding. 

So this young man is cut off from spirit in his physical state and consciousness as in the 3rd dimension as a human being's frequency drops dramatically in the dense layers of the earthly world.  The youth is inexperienced and naieve due to his youthful age as well as being cut off from the spirit world which would guide him on his journey through gnosis.

The youth, just like us, is unable to harness the spiritual energy and wisdom offered by enlightenment. Humanity collectively is in this position too from birthing in this world. The youth appears to be unable to pull himself back from the imminent danger before him. He is on the brink of either his demise or a great awakening.

Here I must direct the readers to the astrological information in this card. The zodiac sign is a water sign Pisces which rules the 12th house, the planet that rules this house is Neptune. This is a house of endings, limitations, frustrations, hidden strength and the sub conscious mind. Where water also represents the sub conscious mind. 

The planet for this card though is Uranus and this is the awakener and represents the freedom urge or divine discontent. Pay attention to Uranus because this planet is very important it goes in cycles of 84 years, and some of the meanings are Rebellion, egotistical and utopian, air-plains, it rules inventions, the sudden and unexpected, which is often violent, it is also gender neutral as in non binary. 

Importantly Uranus is the breaker of traditions, it rules electricity, science, magic, the occult, it's futuristic, humanitarian, intellectual and is where we find utopian dictators manifesting just like Stalin.

Neptune, I will add rules the spiritual and the escapist urge.  Some of it's rulings are, maritime matters, liquids, petroleum, mystery, drugs and drug addiction, alcohilism. It  also covers the things that we take for granted in life. Nothing in our lives should  ever be taken for granted though.  Neptune runs in a 165 year cycle.

Actually all planets from Jupiter onwards are long haul planetary cycles from Jupiter’s 12 year cycle, Saturn 28 to 30 years, Uranus 84 years, Neptune 165 years and Pluto's 248 year cycle. Which actually kicks in on 20 January in Aquarius. Pluto means trouble, when he shows up to a party, so expect trouble. He spends 12 to 13 years in each sign of the zodiac. So January 20th is when the party gets ugly in Aquarius. Destroying and reforming is his party treat. Fusion and transformation. Think of crime, corruption, subversion, nuclear power.

Pluto rules the underworld and that which is hidden, a rather unwelcome planet in some cases such as kidnappings, disappearances, coercion, anonymity. It rules viruses and bacteria. It governs the masses, just like it does with communism and unpopular causes. Pluto is the herpes of the planets! 

Births,  deaths, waste, the mind, with phobias, the sub conscious mind and worlds submerged within us. 

Pluto among many other things represents, regeneration, degeneration and things developed in secret. Think about weapons, nuclear, biological and radiological. 

On a positive side it covers duplication like publishing and printing, all replication processes even cloning is duplication. Pluto is a generational planet its actions are slow,  deliberate and inevitable. A higher octave of Mars as it is the last of the three transcendental planets. So this is not a fun experience. 

Looking back at the card again, I am drawn to the belt around the youths waste, It reminds me of Elon Musk's star-link satellites but also the belt of Orion. Symbolicaly the belt divides the body, cutting the spiritual from the physical. It is restrictive in its function. 

This card tells me mass divisions are taking place in February and a dulling of the senses continues, we see a dulling or loss of true spirituality (not to be confused with the new age spirituality which is a man made gimmick). True spirituality is what is within us, in every cell of our bodies and our blood, our spiritual soul fires are very real and sacred and must be protected.

The rise in technologies that are vastly different to anything ever seen are now dawning and new medical advances are appearing from February onwards. However not all of these advances are good for humanity, and may get out of control. This is especially involving weapons, so deadly yet simple to use.

In the wrong hands they may get out of control, these weapons are so harsh and dangerous with long term harmful effects. I see hospitals will be in even more crisis in how to cope with mass casualties. I get 2025 connected to this

February (Pisces) is a major month connected to water again. Issues increasing such as warfare (Navy and Air force), shortages of water for many such as Gaza and Africa. Solid ground seems to be slipping away fast for some of us. By this I mean  permanancy such a your home, things belonging to you such as your job, your belongings, lives, etc. 

The decent into madness and the drop in human consciousness is noted all around the world, but as I often point out Humanity is only programmed to go so far then we fall. This is an astrological and spiritual evolutionary thing. We eventually hit the bottom and hit the reset button, in a process that goes in cycles of thousands of years and always will. Currently natures warnngs go unheeded by most people as we plung again into the abyss.

As I look again at the card I am drawn to the left arm of the youth and I notice the shape under his arm is like a pininsula and a body of water. This is very important because it points out the ongoing situation presently in the Red Sea as military conflict escalates, this is only the beginning as things expand dragging the region into deeper conflict.

Notice the youth in the card is facing left, which is feminine energy which is passive and receptive energy.  So someone seeks to calm things down golbaly before things escalate beyond the point of no return. Sadly that point has been reached.  There is a definate air of  gulible naievity here, there is no mistaking it. I also want to point out a nation that is acting as if they are passive is anything but passive. This is a Middle Eastern nation , which I feel is Qatar. 

Keep your eyes on China, Iran and Pakistan, I don't feel China will interfere here. They are more likely to watch things play out as we all are. But China is choosing teams presently.

I  do not see the ecconomic, social and cultural divides closing at all. More like they are widening, and we are now witnessing the ecalation in the Middle East as more nations are dragged under the Devil's chariot. The absurdities of the UN are startling as all of this takes place. 

While the world is burning, the officials in the UN are shuffling papers, sipping tea and arranging appointments for meetings totally unphased in their luxury offices. They don't even check the metaphorical spam folders for an email warning them of war and destruction. Why would they? 

The Sun on the card brings me to Africa and the turmoil being ignored by the rich and powerful (UN, WEF, Human Rights organisations and the global military) and those that could step up and help end the suffering just don't seem to want to take apropriate action as usual. In the past 60 years that I have been on this Earth there has never been a permanent stabilising of Africa to lift the people up. No one wants to do anything to change lives for the better. Why? well it's all about the money and resources over human lives that's why. I don't see that ever changing because the rich and powerful would have to be in prison for that to happen.  

We have two elements here Fire and Water dominate this month, these elemants are related to world events such as anything connected with water, Maritime transportation, Navy, conflict conected to water with the element of fire. Fire being male energy, anger, power and control over the seas (water). Water of course  comes in three forms ice, liquid and gas. The gas form being fog. 

We have the continuing of cold frigid conditions in the northern hemisphere and Africa with heat, but I feel there will be floods in an African nation. 

Travel by air (Uranus) by the public to conflict zones needs to be thought carefully about. Do you really need to go there? Please check on the internet for updates on travel to stay safe. It may well be your undoing if you don't factor in safety. 

As we expected there will be problems obtaining fresh fruit and vegetables and transporting products both in and out of conflict zones.This will escalate in the next few weeks and companies will have to do a risk assesment as to a contingancy plan for trade. There will not be enough safe passage of goods because it may be way to difficult to patrol at present. That boosts the price of goods which will last for many years, we don't have the choice. Unfortunatley more and more countries will be absorbed into this horrible conflict very soon. 

This is where China will eventually step up and over confident in their plans and abilities. Here is where the wild card strikes. I don't think it was factored in to the equation but should have been. A nation that was unexpected to take part in conflict suddenly throws it's hat in the ring. I feel his could be Qatar or a small  Middle Eastern country (geographically it looks small) but it is wealthy. I would say either Qatar, UAE or Saudi Arabia. 

The solidifying of plans take place in February with world governments, especially the US, UK, France and even Australia has to be onboard with this. Australia doesn't have a choice really. This feels like big business securing trade, fuel etc and choosing sides. This will throw some European nations into chaos and they would rather not be involved. Memories of WW2 still haunt many in Europe understandably, as well as the communist era. Expect a further destabilising in Eastern Europe to continue. This is nations surrounding Ukraine.  

Boy things are just starting to heat up and we can see the fear, tensions and anger building. We ordinary people are not the problem.   It's the same old rich and powerful again as always then they have the arrogance to conscript ordinary people to fight a rich mans war. And then the people are left broken and ruined with heavy losses but never the eilte. They don't do poverty they cause it. They don't do spirituality either they suppress it.

Take care of yourselves where ever you live in the world and pray for this maddness to end.

Warm and fuzzy hugs to every one and all the animals



Pakistan and Iran


Rise in technology 


Drone attack on US military, this will intensify and the Middle East will be dragged into conflict. This is no accident. 

Flooding in Africa 


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